Business buzzwords, the interactive chart


“disruptive” is a disruptive business buzzword


so reconstruction
such transformative


I used to have a boss who would dominate meetings for hours (no exaggeration) and spout entire streams of meaningless buzzwords as a way to keep control of the discussion. She was a genius at it, possibly as a result of her background as a lawyer (BSing on the clock).

'Concretizing horizontalities, a toolkit for sharing the learnings(!!)"

I have never seen a clock move so slowly.

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This illustrates the serious buzzword bubble that formed and burst in 2000.

It takes a special kind of insulated cocoon to think that buzz word shouting does anything positive. As a technical person, as soon as someone says spews buzz words, all of my defenses go up and I assume that the person I am talking to makes a used car salesmen look trustworthy. I know I am not alone in this assessment. Buzz words mean literally nothing, so the only reason why you would spew them is if you are trying to be manipulative; or you are fucking stupid and are trying to sound smart, but are too stupid to realize how dumb it sounds when you mangle the English language.

Getting a CEO telling you that we need to develop innovative disruptive technologies faster just makes you want to punch the guy. You want us to develop technology that will make money faster??!!?? Holy shit! If I had only had your expert guidance earlier I would have done that instead of slowly developing boring technologies that lose money. Moron.

Aw. Where’s drill down and get into the weeds?

I cringed just typing the above. Is it weird that corporate shill-speak gives me the creeps?


I’m in technical sales, and yes, sometimes I use terms like “cycles” and such – my boss and colleagues make a lot of fun if me for it, which they should. :slight_smile:

When I worked as a journalist, I would get assaulted by a barrage of buzzwords/doublespeak which is a huge red flag for “fibbing and hoping you are intellectually inferior to me.”

It is a great way to feign action, competence, intelligence, and authority, but I have an acute allergy to it…


Wow, it’s like I can track Covey’s popularity by year.

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Immediate thoughts - put a watch on ‘Disruptive’, and be prepared to go short just after the opening bell.

All others, with the exception of ‘low-hanging fruit’ as a co-opted figure of speech from existing literature, form a deep-dive for a near-perfect synergistic share of reliable terms to avoid for the coming purpose of douchebaggery-avoidance in the next 3 or 4 quarters.

The ask is, is this a holistic look? Will the graph be organic going forward and consider the evergreen?

Howz about “going forward”?
And just in general: in terms of, impact, bascially, situation…

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