Awesome! "Epic" is declining in use (except at CNN)




Unfortunately “innovative” appears to be holding steady.

Or at least it isn’t declining as fast as I’d like.


Groovy, man.


Next up: “dudebro.”


Yeah and I fear “hand-crafted” is still on the upswing even.

Oh, you hand crafted that cocktail for me? Thank you so much! I would have been appalled had you used flippers or mandibles. Now please use your leg hands to get off my lawn.


Awesome is the new nifty.


Or, heaven forbid, “artisanal.”




they apparently didn’t poll my kids’ elementary school, where usage appears to be rising…


Two quick things.

Eddie Izzard - Awesome:


That’s ok, BoingBoing has a totally bulletproof irony concept.


This is ginormous news.


Someday 'Peachy-keen" will make a comeback, and I will be ahoy again. . .


There’s a local business – I think heating and cooling, or lawn care or pool cleaning or something like that – whose name begins with the word “Innovated.”

Not quite as cringeworthy as the tattoo parlor named “Your So Cool” but it’s close.


Some might say an extremely epic sense of irony >:)


True. Or, as they might say:

Behold! Awesomely epic BoingBoing headlines are a thing!


Everybody chill! Bolling was on this some time ago.


There’s been a trend for titles of molecular biology papers to include the word “novel” – as in “A novel pathway for X” or “A novel gene for function Y” – so far, over 19,000 such papers published in 2013. Cynical people have pointed out there there are few cases where “A novel” couldn’t be just as well be replaced by “Yet another”.


Celebrate while you can, normals. Just wait til the kids figure out what apocalyptic means.