John Herrman on the world of nested tech platforms

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I cannot even begin to understand the author’s point.


Hi, longtime reader who finally bothered to comment-register just to complain a little (THE INTERNET, FOLKS!)

BoingBoing is increasingly using animated .gifs as post headers. Do these really increase post clickthroughs, visitor retention, or other benefits?

Because I find the ubiquitous constantly-repeating visual loops irritating and distracting - they make me want to click away, and a few times, I have.

If they illustrate something important about the post that’s one thing; but they are seemingly on every 4th or 5th post lately, and it’s IMO overkill.

I actually like some .gif art and enjoy it when you guys feature .gif artists, but please stop getting carried away with .gifs as unnecessary post headers.

Sorry to come in and be a crank, this is one of my daily internet stops and I share a lot of content from you guys, so I am a BB fan, believe it or not.

Just my $.02.

Thanks for listening, if you do.


The Meta category is where you’ll probably get some traction on this. This is actually discussed right here:

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Thanks, I pasted a bit of this there. I am not a total hater, once in a while is fine, but someone is getting carried away.

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nothing is as incomprehensible as that paragraph.

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I have been concerned about how the net is dying. Take for example the posting in Boing Boing today about a house built on the edge of a cliff which made the rounds over a year ago. Another example is how one can go to ten different sites (news sites and blogs) and at all of them, they all report the same things up now, as the net is running out of new content of interest, and we are long past the times when everyone in the world seemed to be uploading amazing new content each day. I am serious. The net is dying. People appear to be getting bored with it. There is little that is new or interesting anymore, and seemingly less all the time. Just thought I would mention these observations.

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