On replying with the same animated GIF many times

Again with this slurping loudly gif? If all you have to add on BBS is posting the same animated gif over and over, maybe consider


Ya need to code in gifoji shortcuts.


Did you see what dude wrote? That deserved some level of derision…

Do all my posts have to be prize winning thesis on… whatever the topic is. I feel I do contribute enough to the community intellectually to be able to pull off the occasional derisive gif, yeah?


If that’s all you see @Mindysan33 posting on BBS, maybe consider what sort of blindness you have that prevents you from seeing the many, many other insightful, interesting, and often hilarious things she continually says here.

Whenever she posts this gif, I don’t mind it; in fact, I appreciate it, as a quick way of saying something that would take longer to say with words. It’s become a sort of inside joke too, one more regular little thing that enhances community here.

As I said about this tiresome complaint of yours in another thread, why not just scroll past that gif when you see it again? Is that so hard?


I object to repeating the exact same mindless image in many topics – particularly when it is used to replace meaningful dialog, and includes no other text.

If you compare many (all, really) of the other replies to this poster, they actually made rational points and clarified what the issue was, in a way that other human beings could see and understand. None of which is true for a slurping gif. So that constantly repeated copypasta slurping gif is also harmful to actual discussion and understanding, which is why I come here.

If you want BBS to degrade to the level of Reddit, by all means, please keep replying with the exact same animated GIF over and over. Every now and then, maybe once a month? Sure. All the time, in every topic you post in? No thank you.

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Again, dude did not come here for a rational argument. Just as a reminder, here is what he STARTED with

And he continued with this.

Modern feminism is NOT about equality. You people, who come here under the banner of tolerance, liberty, and freedom of speech don't really even understand the depth of your own hypocrisy.

I don’t see why I have to take that seriously, and that I’m somehow devaluing the discourse, if I don’t offer an academic treatise each and every time I respond to a trolley…

You don’t like the gif, fine, but you’re piling on a little much with it.

But sorry if I annoyed you.


You know, you could always add a “hide all gifs” button to BBS if you don’t want to see them…

Or even “hide THIS gif!” The BBS is your oyster!


Was curious about the context, then read your quotes. No longer interested in seeing Caffinated’s context.


All right, so just to elaborate on this. I don’t bear @Mindysan33 any ill will – I object to the general practice of it being OK on BBS to “reply” to people with the exact same animated GIF in a bunch of topics. Because to me, it really isn’t OK.

It’s not a reply. I agree this guy you are replying to is generally being an asshat, I don’t think anyone disputes that, but which of these replies is more useful to the discussion?


Or This?

Well, that’s a totally fair summary of the situation… Can’t see your prejudices colouring it at all.

Or This?

?? No one owes you a discussion for a short rant about how no one listens to you.

Your post and previous posts generally consist of you calling people assholes, particularly your first post in this topic, you try to give them banners and tell them that freedom of speech is having to argue with you and accuse people of thinking you’re an asshole because you’re a man instead of realizing you sound like an asshole and that’s why people think that.

But hey, go all MRA, you go boy! Stand up for us all, show them you tha man! You can stop those elite superior SJW’s that hold you back so and vilify you personally… YOU CAN DO IT LIL TROOPER!! YOU CAN DO IT!

It’s not new. I’ve seen this GIF. Many, many times. At least show me something I haven’t seen before. There are whole worlds of content to rip animated GIFs from. Let’s explore them.

It’s not artful. I come to BBS to see trollies and bad-faith participants taken down artfully, wittily, with panache and style. It’s a beautiful thing. A copy pasted GIF that appears in every topic, in exactly the same way, with zero text is none of those things.

It’s not reflective of BB culture. Bananas, look at them. Christ, what an asshole. These things are organically of BBS as they came from BB posts proper in some way. I guess this slurping GIF is some actor who plays a Game of Thrones character? Never seen it, though I am on book 5 of the series. It’s not “our” meme.

I understand that it may get tedious and frustrating to see the same dumb sexist / racist / bigoted opinions trotted out. But I still hope we can have real discussions and dialog, and build something that we enjoy participating in.


Aren’t you the ‘don’t feed the trollies’ guy?


Depends on the troll. And if the choice is between “I post my template animated GIF” and “artful, interesting takedown” I vastly prefer the latter.

If the community is willing to flag the person and show them the door, please do that, too.

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Sorry. Too obvious.

Anyway, I can’t say that the poster in question deserved anything less dismissive, and I don’t have any particular antipathy towards seeing that gif a lot, but I do enjoy the righteous anger more.

I can see why people who have to put up with that sort of stuff all the time might not want to put the effort in.

Me, I’m lazy. I just flag most of the time.



Methinks the gentleman doth protest overly much. You said this earlier too. There’s no way she posts that gif in every topic!

And if we’re going to go down this road, I think we could do it with words too. Not that I’d want to, at all, but many topics posted on BB result in many predictable BBS responses. Why complain about repeatedly posted gifs, but not repeatedly posted responses in words?


That’s fine – in that case, let other people do the artful, witty, discussion takedown. Or just flag it as so bad faith that it needs to be kicked out.

Words tend to vary a lot more than the same image, which is bit-for-bit identical. Even the same sentiment expressed a few different ways to different audiences can have significant nuance.

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Isn’t it in response to the same tired arguments and rhetorical turns being wheeled out again?

I find it a useful clarifier “Oh yeah, I’m not the only one who’s noticed that this is the same bullshit argument/mantronising subtext that we heard last week.”

It also serves to emphasise the repetitive nature of the discourse through parody. I would in fact argue that, like a running gag, the meaning and context of the use of this gif in this situation grows stronger with each repetition. If only there was a name for something like that? Like an idea attached to a symbol, image or phrase which spreads among people who come to hold a shared understanding or worldview, strengthening their shared experience. Mimos, Mimema, no, that’s not quite right…


Must.resist.impulse to post the perfect gif for this thread.


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What is the difference between a user-supplied gif and an emoji?