Study confirms that sexist men are losers

Of course, the guy probably wouldn’t think of himself as sexist or a misogynist. He loves women, as long as they do exactly as he says… Ugh.


I read it as perhaps you’d been flogging that particular gif a bit, and it did seem a bit suddenly familiar…

Huh… he only got like a year long ban.

Humans like familiarity, though. I mean, bravo to you for engaging the dude, but you know it gets so tiring to have to constantly remind some men that, yes, I am a fully functioning human being, capable of the same level of respect and compassion as you, and sometimes, you just have to treat people with the level of contempt they deserve.

But you know… the REAL crime here is apparently that I use a gif a bit too much…


I’m a little surprised by the year-long ban, as he didn’t strike me as being offensive to a high degree–just another sad GG type with no self-awareness/empathy/etc who was, I thought, rather effectively disarmed (by @LDoBe in particular, IIRC).

Which is why I’m not mod-worthy.

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The aren’t capital-‘M’ “Meaningful” in some platonic-ideals sense; but arguing that ‘status’ and ‘dominance’ in social contexts aren’t meaningful is sort of like the argument that fiat currencies are an absurd delusion and nonsense.

Yes, none of those have the sort of Universal Objective Meaning that their biggest enthusiasts, and passive adherents who can’t even imagine things being otherwise, tend to credit them with; but from the perspective of a social organism it is pretty hard to argue that factors that change how the people around you behave toward you to such an extent are ‘non-meaningful’. Magic green paper is an illusion; but it’s an illusion that turns walking out of a store with an armload of merchandise from a crime into a purchase. ‘Status’ and ‘dominance’ are all intersubjective and whatnot; but all but the most seriously cognitively impaired among us has little difficulty in distinguishing who is the designated ‘shit flows downhill’ target in a social environment and who has the status.


I dunno… I thought he was pretty offensive… The whole “all feminist are evil” nonsense just really gets to me.

Yeah, @LDoBe did good to engage. I just get so tired of doing so.


Understood. I’m spending too much time on twitter lately, or, as I’ve taken to calling it, the Hatemachine. The people there don’t even offer the benefit of words other than basic congealed hatred, so I’ve been dumbed down a bit for witnessing it.

I can empathize sympathize–watching from the outside, it’s exhausting and sad.

As for the slurpy-Snow gif:

Totally. @codinghorror’s comment led me on a fruitless search for that Simpson’s scene where someone is telling Homer…Don’t…touch…the XYZ (don’t recall what it was)…and through every step Homer keeps moving toward the thing and eventually grabs it (as we knew he would). I had the GIF queued up, but did not give in to that base childish impulse…Oh, dopamine! Where will I get thee now?


Better watch it. Too much empathy and you’re going to be called a white knight or beta male! :wink:


I love the “SJW to Skeleton” extension. It makes these trolls much more fun.


I would say that it is the opposite, that the people who automatically see things in such terms are the cognitively impaired. And yes, I am fully aware that this would include most people. It seems to be a failure of the capacity for formal reasoning.



My main problem with this study is terminology. “dominance” in this case is video game related. We’re not talking chest-thumping baboonery, which was my initial impression. It’s also hard to generalize from one study, so I wouldn’t be too definitive about what it means, as much as it agrees with my own biases and preconceptions. Also, the issue of sexism is complex, and its causes numerous, as others have stated here.

I, personally, suck hard at online multiplayer because I don’t put in the time and effort, and because I have really bad lag with my current setup (WiFi extender at maximum range connecting to WiFi hotspot connected to the cable modem.) I suck at these games, but I’m not sexist (which actually really pisses me off when people throw “anonymity” in as a causal link- anonymity doesn’t turn me into a different person, does it do that to you?) This indicates that while there is a correlation between these traits, it’s hardly definitive. Many players who may be sexist simply don’t make a habit of talking online. The study does not distinguish the skill of a player from other factors. None of this is to say that it’s a bad study, but I’m wary of drawing too many conclusions.


Can we all just agree being a fuckwit to people is bad? I don’t like that @Caffinated basically got gangpiled when even if he fumbled the ball a bit he does make a few points, then got put squarely on the defensive by the gif legions that are acting dismissive if not outright hostile.

To elaborate:
I consider myself as supporting women’s rights for equal treatment because I think a world where my nieces grow up to make a third less, get hit on because tits, have to fight for parental leave, and are culturally looked down on because female is bullshit.

On the other a lot of the language used is very… Hostile. You take hostile finger pointing language that is very broad and generalistic then point at someone the major talking points sorta kinda hit and it feels like ‘hey stop lumping me in with these assholes guys. not cool.’

Combine that with possibly being socially stunted, constantly pecked at, or any number of things, and being able to articulate goes out the window leaving very stressed out person’s best response as ‘SJW BULLSHIT FEMINISM IS EVIL.’

I’m not saying what he said was called for. I just am deeply and very disappointed nobody here seems to realize throwing generalities around and acting dismissive of dissenting views is going to get person upset and lashing out. What are we, the new reddit hivemind?

So can we just tone down the rhetoric and focus on the issue that acting like a fuckwit to try feeling better about yourself does nothing but make you look like a fuckwitted dumbass to everyone and leaves you worse off?

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My personal experience with these things is that there’s not much point in trying when the person has failed, utterly and completely, to characterize your position in a remotely accurate manner. If they can’t get that right, then it’s not dissent. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not dissent. You can’t argue productively with a confused jumble of confident assertions. To put it another way, never wrestle a pig, you just get dirty and the pig might enjoy it.


You said it! And I’m glad you did.

Trying to reason with pigs like the one who busted in here and started shitting all over the place is a ton less fun than shitting right back at them.

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The thing is the whole mess has, put bluntly, made me not like everyone else for dragging the whole mess on and tripped my ‘hey maybe this guy saying things I vaguely don’t like is getting ridden too rough. we’ve all been there after all, maybe it’s just a bad day that got made worse.’

I don’t get it. Why serve as apologist for someone who’s been acting THAT BADLY?


Because everyone else ends up looking just as bad while sinking to his level and I have this habit of basically looking at a metaphorical circle of guys curbstomping someone and just… reacting badly to that even if the guy totally had it coming.

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