Replies disappearing

When a mod removes a trollcomment and all of the posts replying to it, it avoids derailing the topic, but it also takes real users’ otherwise positive contributions and dustbins them as well.

What about adding the ability for the mod to fork the replies to a locked, linked topic so that it’s still viewable without encouraging more back-and-forth?

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I want to note in the cause I noted in the first post, I wasn’t engaging a troll or new user. The user was expressing controversial (at best) and possibly offensive positions. The posts were deleted and some of my replies were caught in the dragnet. It would have been nice to know this happened.

There have been other cases of posts going poof but this seems like it may be a bug more than anything. Next time I see that happen I’ll try to get as many details as possible.


This is only tangentially related, but I didn’t want to post about it in the thread in question. I just popped in to the “USA Swimming bans Brock Turner for life” thread to see new replies, and the first thing I saw was “You flagged this post as inappropriate” on a post by Melizmatic. I did? I was a bit tipsy last night, but . . . ? Looks like it’s not possible to unflag posts.


You should be able to unflag posts. Maybe you hit a bug?


The text is blue and acts like a link when I hover over it, but nothing happens when I click. Weird! @Melizmatic, if you got notification of a flag on your totally innocuous post–sorry!



No worries.


Seriously though how often does this happen? There’s been a blanket policy of “stuff may be removed at the complete discretion of the BB editors” for, like, forever.

In that specific case I can’t speak for the editor in question, but I’ve been known to complain about excessive use of GIFs for responses in the past, and I do wish people would sometimes cough tone it down a bit with the GIF replies in favor of actual substantive responses using typed letters and words and sentences and paragraphs and stuff.

(Granted I was too cranky in that topic, and I belatedly apologize to @Mindysan33 for my crankiness, but the point is one I will Courage Wolf on, if pressed. GIFs are fun, and all, but everything in moderation.)


I don’t know. You’re the one with behind-the-scenes access, you should be telling us.

From this side of the curtain it seems that it happens just often enough that it’s causing people to hesitate before engaging in conversation, which I kind of think is a bad thing.

A bit of thread necromancy here.


Note that the linked reply that I posted that those two posts referenced is gone. It looks like a whole chunk of posts between #144 and #147 are gone.

I know I didn’t delete my posts and I don’t recall seeing anything in violation of community rules.

What happened here?

I believe there was a well deserved moderation action, in order to deprive the internet of the wisdom of two great scholars engaging in a formal debate. :wink: If you know what I’m sayin’


I guess this harkens back to @fiddlingfrog’s earlier concern:

I had no idea what happened, my posts just went poof. I’m being suppressed, man! (Joking)


one of our hosts mentioned in that thread that he did some editing of posts to remove some personal comments, which is a lot more work than the usual nuking them (and all the follow up comments) from orbit, but it also looks like the latter of the two you referenced was removed by the author. I’d go on but really, I’m not tangling with that user again. It was like arguing with a table leg.

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Yeah, I had that the other day. Can’t even exactly remember what it was that I was saying, just pissed that it was swept up as by-catch. Meh. Ain’t like I say shit that’s worth reading anyhow. :smiley:

good metaphor

Yeah, you’re awful,. :wink:

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Things got too personal so Rob modded it.


Hey, underneath this shallow, insecure exterior, is a shallow, insecure interior, I’ll have you know.


As the wise and dearly departed scholar and poet Eric Wright once explained, “don’t quote me boy, cuz I ain’t said shit.”


Jumping in late… you can see what got eaten if you go to download all my posts.
But everything that I have had eaten was pretty much remarks to a troll that don’t do any good hanging around after the original is gone.


I haven’t had this issue lately. Last one I remember I think got eaten because it was reply to another post that crossed the line. It was witty too.

I had more posts disappear under Antonius.


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