No notifications on deleted posts?

I can’t seem to find any trace of a post I made a while ago. I can only assume it was Eaten. (I won’t go into details, except I asked “Have we moved past this now?” Clearly the answer is “No, we have not.”)

Maintaining the sanctity of the echo chamber is all fine and dandy and quite understandable, but shouldn’t there be notifications for this sort of thing?


If the post you replied to was eaten, there’s a good chance yours was taken as by-catch. This happens a fair bit.


As I understand it is forbidden to speak of that which was judged as blasphemy


You can download all your posts including deleted ones from your user page. See previous #meta discussions on notification.


This isn’t wasn’t @Jorpho is really asking for, though. Downloading history is great but that’s orthogonal to knowing that something you posted is now gone.

I would also like there to be some sort of notification that a post or reply was deleted (and ideally to know if it was a direct or indirect deletion). I’ve been confused on more than one occasion when something I posted was caught in a dragnet and went poof.

Maybe this is unique to here since we have such volatile conversations at times and see a lot of deletions but I don’t find this to be an unreasonable request.


It isn’t, it was just discussed st some length in other #meta topics.

Revisiting this thread. Over the past few days I’ve seen confusion as a result of deleted posts:

Are two examples of this.

Is having more transparency when posts are deleted something that we can look forward to seeing in a future release?

I can’t find the original #meta discussion on this so apologies if this was already mentioned as being in the works.


Sometimes I get a message if the post is flagged but in this case many of my comments in that thread were just disappeared entirely with no notice or reason given.

I can only assume I crossed the groupthink line and was unpersoned from the thread except for that bit you quoted which seems odd without context.

is that hardwired or software?

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Happened here too Neo-nazi assholes seek to chase Jews from Whitefish, Montana

At least one comment removed without notice but not all the replies.

If the responses don’t carry on with [whatever the comment was removed for], then they sometimes remain, and there is not a rule or precedent to the contrary that I am aware of, even if rules and precedent applied to luck dragons.


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