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Accounts made during or right after the gamergate era (2014 or so)? Doubly suspect.


Yep, 2013-2014…


Hey, that includes me! Wohhhohoo! I’m not left out, I’m part of something at last…


General Moderation question:

I was recently noticing that some of my posts have been disappearing lately. Mostly ones that are correcting people on their (incorrect) posts related to COVID/ivermectin.

I just wondered if posts replying to and correcting misinformation are just deleted with the initial post or if there is any way I would know if I was being directly targeted for moderation?

This is not a critique of the moderation just trying to understand and make sure people don’t think I’m a crackpot :wink:


When posts are actioned on here, all the ones in the conversation tend to get pulled too.


When a post is moderated it takes any direct replies along with it. There’s no notification for that, but you would be notified if your posts were specifically targeted.

There’s more detail here:

And here:


Sorry to bust your bubble, but you don’t actually meet the stated criteria.

Looking at your feed, you’ve basically been active throughout your whole time here.


I certainly did not know. Or if I knew that information has evaporated.

I am also not sure where I would rate or how I would assess the need to use it. Traditionally the more financial something is the more likely I am to use 2FA. How do I value the bb experience is an interesting philosophical question.


Although it wouldn’t be a financial burden, loosing my BB account would be a social burden even though it’s semi-anonymous. So, dunno.

At least BBS offers 2FA that isn’t SMS.


If you have legitimate information to share about covid, you can post the correction as its own post without quoting/linking to the wrong post, which is almost certainly going to be pulled by Management for promoting dangerous nonsense. That way your post isn’t eaten as collateral damage.


I think if it’s there then use it because why not? I would find it to be a gross invasion of privacy no matter how seemingly inconsequential the account. It adds some more inconvenience to use but meh…


And the potential for unrecoverable account lock out if the 2FA implementation is strict and there are no recovery options, or if you lose your one time recovery codes if there are.


That’s a good point, always keep those recovery codes safe and backed up!


I think when everything wanted my cell phone number for the second Factor I kind of embraced my inner curmudgeon. I have softened a bit but I still have a bit of a reflex no mater what is asked for.


I do use SMS two factor for some sites because they offer no alternative but it’s considered to be pretty insecure and shouldn’t be used in place of one-time codes such as BB offers.

Might be worth linking to the 2FA Directory and i just found out PayPal now offer the one-time code option, when did that happen? Gonna have to activate that.


Wasn’t 2013 the year the comment platform changed, and we all had to shift our accounts (or maybe they were done automatically)?

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Ok, that can be changed.

Not automatically, no.
Around that time I came back after a longer period of being offline and needed a new account.

ETA: I also noticed several instances of dormant accounts posting recently, and with so un-sus activity that it actually looks sus again. Not exactly 'hey, nice post" style, though. Analyzing this kind of user activity data would be quite challenging. I wonder if someone here has a background in doing so - because I bet some platforms are analysing this. I also would think BB BBS does not, because the investment would be to large for the benefit, and the community is doing a great with higher intelligence and efficacy.


@dankogroup is a spam account


That wasn’t a hint to stop posting, or anything.

I’m just saying that the community at large can generally differentiate legit members in good standing from trolls who like to think that they are ‘clever.’

That’s only possible because of the high caliber of users here overall, as well as having good mods that are on top of their game.


Good Idea. Often I avoid the obvious trolls but some people seem more mislead or misinformed than trolling and I feel a correction is in order (when its something I know about of course).