Business-logic of cooperating with the NSA has changed


Interesting judo-throw of a comment there on that article.

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Could we have a case of ‘doing-the-right-thing-for-the-wrong-reasons’ in the making?
Well, results are results.


I’ve said it on a few other threads, but it bears repeating here (now that someone else has said it also). The NSA is doing more than any other single entity to undermine US dominance of the tech sector. Their decisions have been rooted in extreme hubris - characteristic of empires prior to the fall - assuming that their dominance cannot possibly change.

Here they are trying to ‘protect’ US interests, and within a decade they may have done more economic damage than anyone else.



How about a class-action copyright lawsuit, The World vs. NSA?

About 200 billion emails are sent per day. NSA copied them without permission. The cost per infringement plaintifs (the world) are entitled to is $150’000. Defendands have been conducting infringments for several years, and are thus are liable for dammages in the range of $54 quintillion.

RIAA/MPAA maths?

Why of course!


I like the idea!
What are the odds if something like this was actually coming close to happen that a ‘technical failure’ would delete the evidence?

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