Butt dialers have no right to privacy, rules court


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After many years, I’ve convinced grandmom to get a cell phone. So, she’s acquiring the lingo.

Last visit she said, “I didn’t realize I called you, I must have butt dialed.”

I corrected her, “Booty call, grandmom. People say ‘booty call’ when that happens.”

I’m going to hell.


This was not a “right to privacy” case any more than forwarding an email to the wrong person would be.


How dare you notice my mistake?


Not sincerely, but they’d hoped it would eliminate the evidence of job discrimination, so why not try?

It almost worked, too.


When my much loved Granny was nearing the end, and the Alzheimer’s had taken over, I would call and tell her I was Harry S. Truman.


Glad the case went this way - I’m in the clear!


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