Buy Banksy's disco ball/riot helmet hanging lamp

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my first thought is that a Banksy for 500 pounds is a steal. and it seems that they are vetting the purchases and won’t sell them to art collectors, somehow…or the whole site is just a work of art and not actually a store…hard to tell. i recommend clicking through and taking a look.


Where art irritates life



Order many and send them to Hong Kong? To all sides.

Reminds me of Jimmy Cauty’s Riot Shields.


Yeah, really. There’s a lot of detail work. All of the edging mirrors look to be hand-cut and the face shield looks like it has some sort of patina applied. Even working with interns, that looks like at least a couple hundred in supplies alone. Plus, Banksy.


I’m hopefully getting a mug. If money weren’t an object I’d be getting the drones, which are (as usual) bitterly brilliant and beautifully sad.
I think the question during the checkout process is a nice touch. I would love to see everyone’s answers.

I ordered a spray can, which is unlimited, but still, I presume, finite.

The email I received said, “Thank you for your art application…your request has been received and we are currently checking the stock room for you. We will be back in touch as soon as possible. Might take a few days.”

I forget what other messages the site prompted me with, but it initially asked me why I wanted to buy it, and I filled the textbox from the heart. I have not yet received a shipping estimate. I await the next step…


Quite reasonable prices, bur it’s more of a lottery really, since you fill in an application to purchase an item and then they will judge your application on how amusing they think you are.

As I understand it, this whole exhibition was prompted by some trade mark legal issues with a greeting card company, where the result was that in order to have control over who uses his name to sell merchandize, Banksy must first produce and sell some merch himself.

So it’s a piece of performance art disguised as a transaction for legal reasons.


I want I want! No money no money. Sad. Which is appropriate on many levels.

I need one as helmet and not a light.
Can help to hide from CCTV camera in HK right now.
With so many reflective mirror, it may help blind the one trying to picture you!


I like the blurb for the Banksy™ Clock.

In case the site disappears:

50 available at £500.00

Upcycled from an office supplies store, this timepiece features a trademark Banksy rat and is suitable for home, office or Home Office.

The precision mechanism requires 1x AA battery to accurately mark our relentless and steady ticking towards the great unknown.

Screen printed in black and individually hand smudged.
Signed on the reverse.

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The whole site is an amusing read.

Only one I really want is the Goldfish, but alas, whatever it costs, I doubt I could afford it…

  1. Plastic bowl
  2. Clear acrylic
  3. Suitable thrift shop frame
  4. Generic print of crashing surf
  5. Realistic looking toy goldfish

The last might be a bit hard to source, and posing the fish in the bowl as it dries and still getting a smooth surface poses a challenge (I suspect the acrylic drying with air bubbles is where they ran into bubble issues), but this may be doable. :thinking:

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