Buzzfeed wants to hear about how you're dealing with your older relatives views about this political cycle

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Ha!. No. No you would not like to hear that.


i’m lucky in that my mother is an 82 year-old liberal democrat. she thinks the current situation is like a combination of the cuban missile crisis, watergate, and 9/11 rolled into one slow-moving trainwreck.


Well, I’m not on fuckbook, so I have no idea what garbage my eldest uncle’s wife is spewing, but I guarantee it’s all generated by Russian bots. My mother is thrilled to have a milquetoast third-way democrat to vote for, but isn’t thrilled that the VP candidate is both a woman and not-white. My dad just wants this nightmare to end, but would rather have a democratic candidate to vote for.

My parents divorced when I was young. I had to actually explain recently to my dad that my mom won’t turn off the Faux Noise these days.


My 92 year old grandma says:

“Trump is not a godly man, but he doesn’t support abortion so he is better than that woman hillary”

I’ve had to remind her a lot that trump isn’t running against hillary. All she seems to care about is making sure “that baby murderer woman” doesn’t become president.

She reads a lot of xtianist propaganda. The Billy/Franklin Graham foundation weekly newsletter. Decision magazine. All the campus crusade for christ materials.

She’s quickly donating away all her life savings to xtianist white nationalists because “they can stop the baby killing”.


I’m so sorry. That must be hard to see. Hopefully she won’t end up impoverished in her final years :frowning:
I love old people in general,* just 'cuz, maybe due to my first job being in a nursing home (I was 14) and making some really cool connections with the residents there. Even when they’re ornery or just plain wrong, they’re usually full of great stories and up for a game of cribbage or backgammon.

  • I mean “regular” old people. I make exceptions for ones that wield great power malevolently.

She’s always been like this. She’s why I’m closted to my family.

Me at 16: “Mom, dad, I’m bi”
Dad: “No you’re straight”
Mom: “LDoBe that is so selfish. Even if you are a faggot, You have to pretend you’re straight, otherwise grandma will write your father and me out of her will.”

I’ve been waiting for her to die like over 10 years now. At this point I’m getting ready to fuck over mom and dad and let them deal with it.


Honestly. Can you imagine how much unnecessary family strife would be avoided if there were no such thing as inheriting wealth? If people just had to actually behave towards others in a way that made them want to continue associating once they were no longer dependent for safety?
I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. It sounds totally shitty.


No problem. They’re all dead. I’m the Rad-Lib elder my survivors fear.

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Only two relatives are relevant for me. I don’t know what my grandad’s politics are, but he clearly isn’t a Republican. He moved to Utah after my grandma died.

My great uncle was a Republican, but he saw through Trump and voted Libertarian in 2016. I know, we would rather he voted for the Democrats, but I’ll take what I can get from him. He moved to the US to work for BP before I was born and never moved back.

I don’t know what either are doing now, I avoid Facebook.


Wait- aren’t all the stories this election about how older people support Biden and left Trump in droves?

  • In a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out Sunday, Joe Biden led Trump by 27 points among seniors (62% to 35%).“

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