Dying dad, lifelong conservative, votes for Biden out of respect for his six daughters

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Quite right. Needs a few million more to do the same. The sooner the uncouth, brainless and utterly despicable incumbent goes, the better for all.


My lifelong conservative father voted for Biden.

He’d had enough of the bullshit.


I hope that more older people realise in the coming years that a vote for a conservative party or politician anywhere in the world is really a vote against their children’s and grandchildren’s future well-being.


So did mine. He is pissed off that the only way he can see his kids and grandchildren is through his windows like being in a human zoo.


Its also a vote against their own well-being. Older people make up the bulk of the people needlessly killed by Trump’s hamhanded response to Covid-19


the comments on her post are just staggering. so many trumpists accusing her of “badgering her dying father” and stuff. it’s awful.


Saw that also. They are desperate.


that was my thought, too. grasping at any straw.


and ofc the twitter replies are a trove of shit.

My father passed a bit unexpectedly in 2018…the last 6 months I had spent a lot of time with him as I took him to all his doctors appointments and such. He never said out loud he regretted voting for Nostradumbass in 2016; but I could tell he did. I could see and hear it in his words that as we talked about the future his grandkids were inheriting that he realized the problems we face and that the GOP will not help solve them.


WOW! The Trumpers are really piling on the post in their usual vile way. Really making the case in point so accurate.


I guess I need to figure out how to use twitter and see if they Trumpers are harassing Sam Elliot the same way.

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Not on that platform, but on news sites I’ve noticed people throwing their calls for civility (and snowflake/feelings slogans) right back in their faces. Like most bullies, they can dish it out, but can’t take it.


Alternate headline: Lifelong reactionary votes for someone who’s only conservative instead.


I’m glad people are changing their minds like this. My inner monologue, however, is “Great, so THIS is the line for you? Generations of black people being murdered in the streets, every single minority having their rights trampled, endless wars over nothing, tearing down public schools, the worst healthcare in the developed world, etc etc- none of that did it for you?!?!”


Thanks for posting this. I gives me a kind of hope.

My dad passed a few years prior to the start of Cult45’s bid for the WH. Unfortunately he shared an eerily significant number of characteristics/sympathies with OrangeBadMan, including doctor-diagnosed narcissistic personal disorder.

I count it one of life’s real mercies that he did not live to see the times we are in now, if for no other reason than it is entirely probable that he would be a fervent MAGA guy, despite his having been an immigrant, a POC, a scientist with a PhD, and a few other things that would presumptively have ruled him out of that crowd. He had voted for Nixon, and Reagan, and both Bushes.

So your words really do hit me, and I feel invited to re-write the narrative I have been carrying around in my head for years about “what if” and whether he would have truly seen the current, vast institutionalized-cruelty for what it is. Thank you.


Centrist perhaps- but hardly conservative. One merely has to look at his platform and how he’s evolved on social issues to show this take is false.


One of my dearest friends since HS has been conservative as long as I know him. Don’t know how he voted for Bush’s second term, but otherwise pretty sure we’ve cancelled out each other’s vote most other years. He’s gone whole hog anti-Trump, largely because of the mishandling of the virus. I’ve had discussions on his FB page with others who are still Trump supporting. Been trying to keep it very calm, rational, and just dropping quotes from science, Trump, and sources they still listen too, like Fox, to point out the insanity, inanity and incompetence of Trump. Interesting place to be.


I’m really liberal, but I think there is a place for conservative thought. Much like history - use those experiences to flavor and direct our future. Unrestrained liberalism isn’t any better than the right wing crazies we have going on.

But the pendulum is far too much to the right to work in today’s world. Even our “left” is “right” in most places around the world. If America is to have any chance to survive as it is in the current environment, we have to go back to what we (allegedly) stand for - people.

In many ways, it seems we need a completely new Bill of Rights.


By, say, Canadian or European standards, a US centrist would be on the right fringe of mainstream conservatism, if not to the right of that.

Which puts the Republican party somewhere in the reactionary area occupied by vaguely Nazi-like parties like UKIP or National Front