JFK's grandson slams RFK Jr. as "an embarrassment" and endorses Joe Biden (video)

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I want to live my life in a way where my family members never have to publicly denounce me.


IKR? It’s not even like doing so involves a great deal of effort. It must be exhausting being that much of a dick all the time.


Shall we be shocked (shocked) that the republicans are deploying (possibly funding) these sorry efforts at distracting from re-electing Biden? (e.g. Manchin/“no labels”, RFKjr/“batshit bonkers”, Maryanne Williamson/“woo-woo”) No we shan’t. The last thing i want to do is help them, but m’gawd, can there be any less effective agents at attracting remotely aware progressives?


Uncle Joe & the DNC need to repeat those accomplishments at every opportunity, over and over and over again. That campaign ad using Empty Gee’s own words is a good start… they can do the same thing with those fascists that are trying to take credit for bills they, themselves voted against.

Last I heard, Lord Dampnut is still walking the earth, so, no.
The hamberder that will end him has yet to be made, but the sooner, the better.
We will still be stuck with his worshippers and wannabes, though.


“I just wanted to warn people my cousin is insane. Also, I have Amelia Earhart on the phone because my mouth is full of stars”

A) RFK, Jr. is not insane. He’s a grifter. Please stop associating this bullshit with mental illness. It’s not helpful.
B) The exaggeration of the claim about Biden being progressive, which I think almost all BoingBoing regulars would agree is an exaggeration, in no way contradicts anything else Jack Schlossberg said in that video. Everything else he said was factual. Well maybe not ending Trump, but he did end the first Trump administration, and I don’t think there’s much of a chance that Trump beats Biden again, especially if we can avoid potential spoilers like RFK, Jr.

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