Former GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina endorses Joe Biden

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Something something with friends like these something something…


Is this supposed to be good news? All these Republicans voting for Biden? Breaking the code for Biden, when actual Democratic Party members and those to the left are no more than holding their noses? I mean, it is, in a way, but in another way, it’s VERY disheartening. The overton window is off the fucking house at this point. It’s all the way over on the fucking neighbor’s house, and those idiots are fucking nuts.


Carly Fiorina, one of the most infamously incompetent CEOs of modern times, endorsing Uncle Joe for chief executive of the U.S. I suppose it might bring in a small handful of moneyCons who are still so ignorant that they still don’t know what a disaster she was, but otherwise I don’t see how this is helpful (except to Il Douche).


It’s a notable crack in the usually solid Republican wall of identical talking points, sliced, diced, and prepared for them by Frank Luntz.

So, that’s something positive for our side.


this is the democratic strategy. running “compromise” candidates that they think republicans might possibly vote for instead of actually having hard and fast principles of their own.


“… including those who have rationalized supporting Trump despite their disagreements, because of some of his policies or judicial appointments or the fact that he is manifestly unfit; physically, morally and mentally.


The rift has been there for years for conservatives with real money and power. With a handful of exceptions, it’s more like a sliding door: opening and closing as is expedient for them. Although I suppose that’s enough to confuse the kinds of dimwits who worship these types.



wit – Half and Half


Fuck’s sake, I’m already sick to my stomach at the prospect of voting for Biden. This is not helping.


The only way this will ever change is if progressive and actual-left candidates run and win at the local and regional levels, and over time work their way up. And it’s going to take a while - the kind of change we want won’t happen overnight. We can’t expect the upper echelon to have a sudden change of heart on their own. When the voters aren’t pulling their weight, this is what we get.


Thank God someone around here has balls.

As the results of the primary demonstrate, the Democratic party consists of a lot more than BB or Twitter.

The performative wailing about how terrible Joe Biden is and holier-than-thou concern trolling doesn’t really represent what the significant majority of Democratic voters think or want in this election.

(and, for the record, Warren and Harris were my 1/2 choices in this election, but I am a a hell of a lot more excited about putting a Democrat in the White House who shares a good number of my policy goals than I am disappointed that there isn’t a candidate who shares 100% of them)


Took me actual time to compute whether the hero image in this article had been Beschizza-eyesed or not.


They’re of course idiots for giving her credence, but a famously incompetent CEO is currently who they fawn over. So if she can speak their language and help stop Trump, she’s doing a good thing.


i know biden is a flawed candidate. but come on. does anyone complaining here or anywhere else honestly disagree that he will be a better choice x1000 than the maniac currently occupying the WH? can we get him elected and then hope that change will start? can we elect him and then hope that we can return to some form of sanity in our government? can we elect him and replace all those psychos in the current cabinet, and start to restore our dignity and self respect at home and around the world? YES. WE CAN. AND WE SHOULD. 4 more years of trump may be the end of us. if you have to hold your nose and vote for biden, please do it, for all our sakes.


But where is the fun in that? It’s much more fun to bitch about Biden than wait for another Bernie. :slight_smile:


I guess she is one of the GOP people who has realized how toxic affiliation with Trump is going to be for anyone with political or business aspirations post-2020.

  1. If Trump wins the country will continue off the cliff into spiraling kleptocracy.
  2. If Trump loses all GOP who supported him will find themselves in the wilderness for a generation.

So some of them are hoping to make an end run and say ‘they always knew’.



Yes it’s good news. Some small sliver of Republicans realizing way to late that Trump is manifestly unfit for office is better than the alternative. The important part is not that she supports Biden it is that she rejects Trump. It should have happened 12 years ago, but I will always give someone credit for reexamining their beliefs. It doesn’t make the history of her being Carly Fiorina go away, but it is one good thing in her column.

I doubt it will move the needle on the election – she is neither well known nor well liked outside maybe a few silicon valley venture capitalists. But anyone that calls out Trump is doing a good thing.