Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden

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Why? Because Sanders is not an asshole and he realizes that bringing his supporters to the table can get us some of what we want… :woman_shrugging: Which is a start that I’ll take in the hopes that we can show people the kind of world we can have if we have a strong social safety net…


I hate this timeline.

I’ll vote for the obvious ‘lesser of two evils,’ but I won’t fucking like it.


Agreed. But if we can get some of what we want in the party platform, I’ll call it a partial victory… It’s not what I wanted, but if we can push Biden to the left a bit more that’s a start.


This is where the rubber hits the road - If your preferred leader attempts to lead by asking you to do something, in this case, vote for a candidate - do you follow your preferred leader’s request?

One would assume that, given that leadership sometimes involves compromise, and that throwing support behind a candidate because they are making good decisions is usually an endorsement of that candidates skill at leadership, Bernie’s supporters will now heed that call, right?


roger that.


Good for him. I was genuinely worried a month ago that he would drag the campaigning through the summer and then make everyone sweat out a split convention, but the man clearly cares more about doing what’s best for the country than catering to a small minority of bros. Seriously, that’s what public service looks like.


I’m glad progressives and wishy-washy centrists can come together under a big tent and agree to begin to agree to meet to do something about the important issues of our time. Once we agree which issues are important, after extensive polling of our super PACs, we can agree on a proposal to submit to Congress to hold a committee to determine if the proposal sufficiently reaches across the aisle, or if we should add more concessions.


Oh this hurts. It’s accurate, but it hurts.


When your house is on fire - is it really a great time to complain about the dishwasher?


Bottom line is that Bernie Sanders would have a helluva lot better chance advancing his progressive agenda under a Joe Biden administration than under a Trump administration. Same reason he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who is still toeing the “both sides are equally bad” line needs a swift kick in the teeth.


Depends if it is an electrical fire caused by the dishwasher.


Or - you could put out the fire first.


I will.

Biden is very weak candidate and will require all the help he can get. Presidential politics has always involved big compromises for me and I’ve been voting since 1984. With Donny Small Hands on the other side of the aisle, this compromise is perhaps the most worth it.


Old White Dude Endorses Slightly Less Old White Dude


This is what gives me heartburn. All modern presidential elections have been won by the candidate that is best at energizing their base. With Biden we have another John Kerry situation and I’m not sure I can handle another 4 years of Trump.

I’m not even sure Sanders was the best choice, but Biden is that “mushy boring centrist” candidate that primary voters pick because they are the “most electable” and always lose.

Remember that George W. Bush was re-elected after a disastrous first term. Actual performance doesn’t matter, all that matters is getting your voters to the polls. Trump has that 38% floor that will follow him straight to hell if he asks. To those voters this has been a glorious 3.5 years of American Golden Age. We’ve finally put “illegals” in cages like they’ve wanted forever. The court situation is a total victory. Minorities are being shut out again like they’ve demanded. We’ve given tons of money to “job creators” to dump into the market. This is the America they want and they’re getting it. So Trump only has to convince about 10% of the remaining voters to choose him and he’s back in. Maybe press a bit on the age old abortion issue to get some of the single issue voters on board and he’s golden.

Biden doesn’t have anywhere near that kind of enthusiasm behind his campaign.


It’s Old White Dudes all the way down. Even as a rapidly-aging Middle-Aged White Dude, I can only sigh.


I can’t wait to find out in November from centrists how this cost Biden the election.


i think that a plain vanilla candidate is right now what people crave. Well, that and Brawndo (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)