Obama endorses Biden

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Well, no one saw that coming.


That cynical smile after “you’re in our prayers” tho.


God, isn’t it refreshing to hear what an intelligent President sounds like?

Regardless of what you feel about Biden, listening to Obama reminds me of a much better time.


1st thing I’ve heard in the last 4 years from him? Hardly suprising.

I guess it may have been fruitless for him to constantly point out over the last 4 years everything bad Trump has done, since its not like anyone who voted for Trump would have even listened to him.

It would have been a sick burn if he compared how much time he spent golfing with how much Trump has tho. And pointing out Trump’s complaints of previous tweets about that toward him- with Trump’s own golf outings during all this, and other important things he ignored in the last 4 years.


Piss on this guy if he made the calls that knocked out Bernie and gave doddering Joe the nomination.


“See, I told you guys I know Obama!”


Liberals yesterday: “Too late on the endorsement, Bernie! When Biden loses it’s your fault!”

Liberals today: “Miss you, Barack.” :heart_eyes:


The people that gave Biden the nomination are the Democratic primary voters. No matter how much you want to blame someone, the fact is that Biden was the preferred candidate. That’s it.


There’s enough time for the circular firing squad after the Orange Menace is out of the White House.


The fact is, the Democratic primary is dominated by older black voters, and Bernie never connected with them. Bernie connected very well with younger college-educated voters, especially with his plans for student loans, which is another issue that older black voters aren’t focused on. As demographic shifts result in more Latino voters and less domination of the primary by blacks, a Bernie-like candidate will become more viable. Give it a few election cycles.

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I would look up “manufacturing consent”.
MSNBC and CNN treated Bernie like his policies are about to bring Venezuela style communism to the USA. Meanwhile, never even asked Biden why he lied about marching for civil rights, inappropriate sexual advances toward women, his plagiarism of speeches, …


Can’t tell you how much I miss that guy. Wasn’t a perfect president by any stretch (didn’t fight for a Public Option, his flying deathbot program sucked and he didn’t prosecute any of the Bush cabal or the banksters)…

How I miss a decent science based calm and decisive leader rather than the sack of sh!t and puss that currently infests our White House (thanks Vlad… up yours). I think Biden will have an easier time swaying Joe six-pack and his ‘economic anxiety’ voters to win the day. THEN we can start on a New Green Deal, expand ACA (universal healthcare no longer sounds like a raving pipe dream any more! huzzah?)

Heck of a job Orange-y (ya done fooked it up bad, boy blunder)


Seems Obama is not interested in delivering sick burns. I don’t recall him using petty nicknames either. But here we are…


I really hope you’re correct that we will have more election cycles.


This led me to laugh, then cry. Why? I think he’s right and we may have four more years.

While both parties rely on voters to be uninformed team players voting on emotion instead of facts, I don’t think Obama’s endorsement will have the same impact for Biden v Trump as the DNC’s overall effort to sway Dem primary voters.

He’s old, white, male, and not Trump? That’s what I thought you said.

I know he had to endorse his old VP, but guh, this is gonna be brutal.


He delivers burns, but they are only heard by people actually listening to the meaning of his words.

The man’s fucking eloquent. That’s one of the reasons I still respect him, despite not closing Guantanamo.


President Obama is far too intelligent a man to believe that Class-Traitor Joe has a chance of winning against Mass Murderer Trump.

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