Biden ad highlights Trump's disastrous mismanagement of coronavirus epidemic

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Who do they think is their audience? They’re preaching to the choir; the Cult of Trump will not be swayed by this announcements. In fact, Trumpers are probably happy that SARS-2 is decimating New York, and their pastors might be saying that the sinners in NY had it coming.

Biden is not the candidate; it’s a tepid replacement. Go Bernie or get ready for another Trump term.


I take it you’ll sit this one out if Biden is nominated?


Someone could write campaign ads for the next 7 months using nothing but Donny Two Scoop’s tweets against him - on literally any subject.

It really doesn’t matter to his cult members though. However, it would keep the rest of the country agitated against him.


Trump’s team has and will splice together a bunch of quotes from his eventual opponent, taking stuff out of context so it will look just as damning as this video, at least to his supporters and anybody not paying attention.


Yeah it’s not worth thinking about the core Trump support, but there’s a lot more voters besides that subset. Like, oh I dunno, Bernie Sanders supporters who figure that Biden and Trump are the same and it’s not worth voting.


Yeah, the reality-breakdown for Republicans is bad:

Yeah, he keeps creating new material on a daily basis, too. He literally can’t help himself.

Yep, and it was pretty amazing Trump’s campaign was trying to block videos like this that just quoted Trump and showed statistics (that were correct) because they claimed they were “misleading.”


I was told that those kind of idiotic, let-the-world-burn-if-my-guy-isn’t-nominated “Bernie Bros” were largely a myth.


You were misinformed. Every candidate has some proportion of people who say they would vote for their candidate and no other, and exit polling validate that some of them do actually follow through. Sanders is no different in this regard, neither is Biden. Convincing these people is important.

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Then why all the claims that picking Biden was a suicidal move for the Democrats because it will alienate the Bernie supporters?


It’s just a standard and rather annoying primary rhetoric. “Our candidate is the only one who can win!” The truth is that it’s very difficult to figure that out on any sort of systematic basis at the primary stage.


Headline on Fox News:

“Lara Trump- Trump’s handling of coronavirus crisis shows America what real leadership looks like.”

Conservatives are digging their own political graves, I just wish it didn’t mean digging the literal graves of so many others.


I’m not a US citizen and I don’t live in the US, and yet I will be affected by this election, because the US cannot keep its soldiers to itself.

Biden will keep sending drones everywhere, like all presidents do, since the United States thrives by oppressing the world. They are, without doubt, the biggest terrorist state.


Gotta use the Covid stuff against Trump but unless Biden is gonna be on the mic throughout this crisis illustrating his version of a better world, democrats are using the same failed strategy of 2016: counting on Trump to defeat himself.

I’m a Bernie supporter. I’m not a never-Biden. HOWEVER, I’m incredibly pissed that the party congealed around Biden, who is facing graphic sexual assault allegations and does not seem able to capitalize on this Covid crisis AT ALL.

Biden should be on tv every day talking about how the pending GOP enabled Covid depression is going to literally wipe out baby boomers and middle class etc and put millennials in the red for decades. And then he should be explaining how the dems bottom-up recovery will not only save us from a depression but make our lives better than they were before because as most Americans know, “”back to normal” wasn’t great anyways.

This ad is good, but at this point an ad like this is the equivalent of writing your name at the top of the exam.

I hate moderate democrats more than republicans at this point and wanted to see the progressive left take over the party by any means necessary (even if that meant allowing Biden and the Dems to totally blow it again). But this crisis has put me firmly in the defeat-trump-af-all-costs camp but with Biden’s sexual assault leaking, and his disappearance from the campaign trail, I have NO faith in the democrats to run a winning campaign.


The middle-America voters who came out in droves to vote for Biden on Super Tuesday, before the crisis really hit. The massive numbers of middle-aged and older folks who aren’t looking for a Socialist revolution but who simply long for the good old days of having an adult in charge. People who actually vote, not the people who yell the loudest online.


I sure wish the Dems would help the demographic who were drowning before Trump and would still drown under Biden (and who abstain from voting for that very reason). It’s sad for all of those folks that the party is happy with 50%+1 comfortable retired moderate.

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I think you are misinformed. I was a lackluster Kerry supporter; a very passionate Obama supporter in ‘08; a bit less so in ‘12; and a super passionate Sanders supporter in 2016 & 20.

I voted for Hillary in 2016; I really did not want to vote for Hillary but I did because I said I can’t let Trump become President even though I felt truly wronged by the DNC and the corporate media, I was even a delegate for Sanders in /016 and I still voted for Clinton even though I felt like the whole process has been skewed in her favor.

So to have them do the same shit happen again in 2020 and think that all of the Sanders people, all of the left-wing progressives, are just going to coalesce around the party candidate because that has been what has happened in the past is just wrong. The corporate democrats have been playing the same brainwashing game over the past 30 years that the GOP has, and as a result the Democratic Party has moved really far to the right.

Unfortunately the middle class has been cut down at the same time so that the people have much less time to pay attention to what is happening and that is why they can’t even realize that the people on the “liberal” news networks are former operatives from the bush administration. The same people that I am sure that if you had asked a majority of them 5 years ago, they would have told you they thought Bush was the worst president ever.

So it looks like this has been some massive bait and switch over 30 years to move the parties to the right. I really don’t think that a lot of the progressives, many of whom donated a lot of money to Sanders because they believe in him and because they are so tired of the corporate domination of the political system, are actually going to shift over and vote for the party picked candidate this time. You can’t keep marginalizing this group of people and keep expecting servitude from them. It is also the only way that the party is going to realize that they are not able to count on that either.


Misinformed about what? The impossibility of objectively determining which candidate is electable at this point?

The position I started with is that it is impossible for Biden to rely on the support of all Sanders supporters by default, hence efforts like this have value beyond trying to convince the Trumpy cult. Nothing you’ve said contradicts that, in fact it completely supports it.

Personally I think that Biden’s admin will not be as bad (or really as different from a Sanders admin) as certain people think, that it’s easy to speculate about how awful him or Hillary’s admin would be when they aren’t actually in office, and people fail to pay attention to how things like the $15 minimum wage that was such a hot issue in 2016 is now part of the mainstream democratic party policy agenda. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m not telling people to stop supporting their favourite candidate.

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Kerry is getting in his licks, too.

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, a Democrat who is usually a little more diplomatic in his manner of speaking, wrote on Twitter that “Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an asshole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity.”