Joe Biden accused of sexual assault

There is no way to 100% verify these allegations, but seems like all the media outlets are ignoring the story. Maybe there is no story, but seems like in case of Sanders vs Warren “dispute”, everyone jumped in and said: “We must make sure that all the claims of sexism or sexual harassment must be heard”.
True or not, this is something that Donald Trump dreams about, as he will use this story to smear Biden. It’s better to clear this up before it’s too late.

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Channeling right-wing talking points which can’t be verified is kind of Scam-PAC operator Ball’s thing, isn’t it? (cf her attacks on Warren during her teapot tempest with Sanders.)


There he goes, pandering to the right.


Biden? He’s still here? I thought he just decided to sit out this election.



Hold on just a sec. When Warren accused Sanders of telling her that “woman can’t win”, there was about 2 weeks of coverage - there was no evidence him saying that, quite the contrary.
It’s not the first time Tara Reade came out with the accusations.
And since when is Ball right wing? First time I hear about it. Anyway, Vox is reporting on it now as well:


So, seems like it’s not just crazy “both left and right wing” Ms Ball, it’s also Vox:

Full disclosure: I am camp Bernie

I wouldn’t have guessed.

I didn’t say Ball is right-wing, I said the talking points were right wing. She also likes to bring up Hunter.

If Sanders loses the nomination, it won’t be because of his policies, or because he identifies as a Socialist. It will be because his supporters have been so relentlessly negative.

I’d never heard of Ball until someone here on BB posted videos of her slamming Warren after their skirmish. I looked her up on Wikipedia, where it mentioned the PAC she used to enrich herself.

Apparently her hatred of Biden is because he wouldn’t hire her:


The article you posted doesn’t say he wouldn’t hire her. She wanted to work on his campaign in 2015 if he ran on platform left of Hillary Clinton. He ended up not running.

I do agree, that there are people supporting Bernie who are definitely negative, and so is the case all other candidates: people are just toxic. You will say “But not like Bernie Bros” but that is a myth.
And Bernie will lose this election (almost a certainty at this point) not because of that. CNN/MSNBC coverage of his platform has been mostly based on misrepresentation of facts or just pure negative personal opinions: “He makes my skin crawl”, calling supporters “brownshirts”, saying “medicare for all” will cost taxpayers more, when in fact ends up saving money…

In the end, people felt their candidate was either under-represented (receiving 1/3 of coverage Joe Biden got), or negatively represented. DNC played a major role in this too.
And I am not saying this is unfair, it would be naive, it’s politics.

No matter what, once faced with Donald Trump’s machine here is what you will hear on TV and social media:

  1. Biden voted for war
  2. Biden voted to cut social security, medicaid, medicare
  3. Biden is a liar: lied about marching for civil rights, getting arrested in South Africa while visiting Mandela, how wife was killed by a drunk driver, silver medal story,
  4. Biden is sexual predator, media tried to cover it up
  5. Biden is corrupt, as his son got a job in Ukraine for 50K per month for doing nothing, just having Joe as his dad
  6. Biden is not mentally fit to be the president: can’t quote first 20 words from declaration of independence, doesn’t know which city he’s in
  7. Biden plagiarized speeches

You can say I’m negative, but these will be the things Trump will use against him.


Of course Trump will trot out attacks like this against the Democratic candidate. It isn’t helpful if other Democrats contribute to it.


Well, shit, that’s pretty credible. Anna North is a solid journalist. And we all know Biden is handsy.

If it were just Ball reporting on it, I wouldn’t find it credible. She’s just done too many hatchet jobs that don’t end up having any substance. But North’s article and account have a lot more weight with me.

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Did this story turn out to be false? Did he do what she says he did or was she lying. I just heard about this and am surprised to find such a short thread on BB. What am I missing?

The same thing everyone else is: definitive evidence (or even supporting evidence) one way or the other.


Lucy Flores isn’t alone. Joe Biden has a long history of touching women inappropriately.


No one knows if false or true except Reade and Biden. You just herded about it now because up until a few months ago the only thing Biden was accused of was hugging too long, being a little too handsy or just generally making women feel creepy and uncomfortable.

Despite the tag line “This is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993.” Reade originally told a story that had nothing to do with sexual assault. I want to believe survivors and I dislike Biden, but her expanding accusations make it difficult.


Is this not a common occurance of victims of sexual assault where they are reluctant to come forth with all the details at first untill some time and encouragement help them come to grips and they get a sense of duty so it does not happen to others?

Yes, totally agree. Not saying I don’t believe her or that others shouldn’t. Just a damn shame she didn’t make these accusations in her union story a year ago. Would have made the primaries much more interesting.

As in most of these cases it’s her word against his. In case of Brett Kavanaugh, CNN and MSNBC + MeToo and others including Joe Biden, jumped on the story and asked for “women to be believed by default” & “due process” (and I agree with that should be the case always). Now that we have Biden being accused, we’re changing the tune, and finding reasons not to trust Tara Reade: she’s a Russian asset, lying for political reasons…

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The Medium article doesn’t call her a Russian asset. It uses her own words to point out that, suddenly, she’s gone from anti-Putin to pro-Putin. While every other “inconsistency” her critics point out is perfectly consistent in the context of sexual assault, that stands out as a reason to look for further corroboration.


Again, this is her political stance. This wasn’t a problem for Christine Blasey Ford, who is registered Democrat, and was accusing Brett Kavanaugh at the time. Everyone agreed that here political affiliation should not matter, and this was correct then and it should be the same now.