The formula for defeating a Trump dictatorship: "Unite the Democrats, split the Republicans"

Originally published at: Defeating Trump: Unite Democrats, Split Republicans


I think it would be best to use the MAGA rallying cry- “lock him up”.


I have a radical idea. Instead of playing games about trying to split the GOP, which is already split, frankly, how about we focusing on strengthening support for Biden? The constant whinging about his age isn’t helping. Yes, he’s old. He’s also clearly in better physical and mental condition than Trump. Yes, he’s a centrist at heart. But his has also been the most progressive Presidential administration so far since probably LBJ, in spite of his natural centrism. I like the unite the Democrats part of this plan. Let’s focus on that, instead of pinning our hopes on right wingers like Haley and Cheney, who, while they apparently still believe in Democracy, are frankly almost as bad as Trump, in terms of policy.


If the GOP is going to split it’s the GOP that’s going to do the splitting.

It’s not really up to anyone else. Nothing anyone on the left can say will matter to them, and might even be counterproductive.


i am confused about this group.

like they can’t make up their own mind based on the evidence they’ve already seen? so they need a jury of their peers to decide for them?

it seems willfully ignorant. or maybe a fig leaf to cover their love for the orangeyist of candidates


I’m sure there are ways to help it along. House D’s voting unitedly to oust Qevin being an example.

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Really only the GQP can divide the GQP, and they’re doing a damn fine job of that, so you’re right; focusing on the actual successes of this administration is the path forward. And that’s pretty much always true and pretty much the way that the Dems split their own vote damn near every cycle. Dems win in spite of their boneheaded disfunction simply because they actually do have the support of the majority… whom they then do as much as they can to alienate.


… I know we’re always supposed to say the current Republican standard-bearer is an unprecedented horror, but the Cheneys are worse

Dubya and Dick stole the 2000 election with the same kind of shenanigans that Trump tried in 2020, except they got away with it

and that doesn’t even get into Dick’s long career making things very bad overseas, leading to millions of deaths by the time he finally retired

The Cheneys’ only beef with Trump is he stole their “I’m the openly evil one” shtick without letting them in on it somehow :thinking:


Maybe their thinking is just “if Trump is convicted he won’t be as effective in office because he might be sitting in prison or whatever.”


that’s not a bad theory.

i heard something like that by the end of march the majority of gop primary votes will have been cast. i"m not even sure if the felony trials will have started by then. they should probably vote for someone else just in case

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I might be guilty of thinking there’s no good alternative option as long as Republicans are on the ballot. Sure, you could avoid ending democracy but the less horrible option (in Nikki Haley, for example) is still pretty horrible. It might even be the winning option as long as voter apathy remains a threat.

At least Trump is a known threat who’ll rally more people to the polls, likely more against him than for. It might be the thing with a better chance of gaining a more stable government. That and promoting voting down-ballot. I really don’t know of a less scary option for the next election. It’s been just trying to keep the national vote from teetering into disaster every two years. 0_o

He committed so many crimes on TV. Biden slow-walking his prosecution because rich people don’t prosecute rich people, and so that Biden could have a chance at re-election, is the reason we’re facing a second Trump presidency. It doesn’t take four years to bring crimes to trial. Makes it pretty hard to go out and support Biden to “stop Trump”

i think trying to game it out like that is dangerous. it leads to things like dems supporting the worst of the candidates, which just sends the right skittering even further into fascism

if ■■■■■ were to lose the primary, it would be a grand magnificent (and unlikely :confused: ) thing. it would show his followers, the country, and the world we are done with his nonsense. and it would be the safest path forward.

figuring out what to do if haley were president would be step two. line them up, and knock them down one at a time. don’t go easy on them out of fear of them. fearing them is exactly what they want


unlike his orange predecessor, biden is not involved with the business of the doj. and it’s a very bad thing when presidents are

i think ■■■■■ would find it infuriating ( and humiliating ) if people thought biden had as much money as him. i hope that idea gets around more


This is utter misinformation. The NY and GA trials are state prosecutions, not federal. Biden has no say in them. And bothsidesing in this, of all elections, is just passively supporting the fascist takeover of the country. Biden is not the first choice of most of the commentariat here, but he has governed far more progessively than i expected. Trump and his blood-and-soil gang will end democracy in this country. Biden will be boringly effective. If those are my choices, i will take boring every day.


I voted for him last time but greenlighting genocide is a deal killer for me.

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I don’t think that Netanyahu takes orders from Biden. Biden’s response to the situation has been disappointing, but he was never in a position to give the go-ahead.


I agree that bankrolling ads promoting fringe Republican candidates is a horrible idea. In 2016, that candidate was Trump and how did that work out? I still think more people understand now how horrible Trump is for the next election.

I also unfortunately think Trumpism will continue, with or without Trump; 2024 will be a crazy year for keeping the debt ceiling propped up; climate change might be further along than predicted; and I wonder, in the elections, how many kicks at the can you get before the rot is irreparable. Obviously, with someone on the ticket other than the great pumpkin, it would still be more than one but taking too much time to get there could still be catastrophic.

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What utter garbage.

If Biden was using his position to personally pressure the DOJ to take specific actions against specific individuals that would make him less fit to hold the office, not more fit.

That goes tenfold for any President who would use the DOJ as a weapon against a political rival.


Ah, yes, because Trump totally would get Israel to stop, because he’s a big, strong man who world leaders respect and listen to. /s

Get the fuck out of here with this nonsense and bullshit. If Trump is elected, it’s game over for a lot of people, including people like me. Jesus Christ, man, “both parties are just as bad” was fucking done in 2016. Just stop it. And if you think some third party candidate is going to win, you’re wrong. And if you think Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, whatever the fucknuts from Minnesota’s name is, RFK Jr, Marianne “WooWoo” Williamson, or Cornel West are going to get Israel to do what they want, you are living in a different reality than I am. I am so tired of this bullshit. It’s how we ended up with Trump in 2016. Knock it off!