The formula for defeating a Trump dictatorship: "Unite the Democrats, split the Republicans"

Yes well, that’s not what the word “greenlight” means.

Except it is.


Even though that is totally wrong, what possible definition could you use to accurately reflect the situation? The only “control” Biden could exert on Netanyahu would be to cut off aid, which is not gonna happen.


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He has nothing to do with any of the prosecutions against Trump…

Sometimes it does, yeah…


Also, he’s currently involved in several major trials for things he did less than four years ago so that complaint doesn’t even make sense.


Putting faith in someone like Haley will inevitably lead to disappointment. While slightly better than Trump, it’s clear that she doesn’t have any firm principles other than her own power.

Come on, the US just vetoed a resolution calling for a ceasefire. The idea that Biden has not been enabling Netanyahu strikes me as entirely contrary to everything that has been happening.

I’m with you and danimagoo on Trump. People seem to forget he already had concentration camps. He has openly promised worse if re-elected. He means to kill a lot of people at home and is not going to be a shred better abroad, where he is very plainly ready to stand by other fascists like Netanyahu and Putin. He needs to be kept out, period.

But it’s a damn shame that the alternative is someone who can watch thousands of civilians murdered by a party that is openly talking about ethnic cleansing, and all he will do is ask them to maybe ease up a little. And shame on him too for helping Trump’s chances by giving Americans that choice.


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i have some tentative faith in our legal system to see ■■■■■’s trial through, and hold him accountable. exactly the same way it would if haley stole classified documents, tried to overthrow the government, or falsified her business records year after year.

constraining him will be a blow to all of them. and i’ll happily take all the wins our democracy can get.


What does that mean for you?

Are actively opposed to Biden, voting for someone else (or not voting) in hopes he is removed from office, even if that means a Trmp presidency?

Or do you hope Biden wins, but he’ll need to do it without your vote?

Genuinely curious.


Seems like the executive in charge of the DOJ should be involved in its operation, actually. Biden could have made a bigger deal about the coup instead of urging everyone back to pretending its business as normal.

You know, after Nixon it was pretty widely accepted that the system works much better when the president takes a hands-off approach on specific cases.


Only in terms of helping discuss and establish broad prosecutorial priorities with his Attorney General (like “can we spend fewer resources going after non-violent drug offenders and more resources on corporate malfeasance?”), not in terms of getting involved in specific cases. Especially cases that could relate directly to his own political interests like the prosecution of his primary political challenger. Taking a hands-off approach and entrusting the people he appointed to do their jobs fairly and competently is exactly the right approach.

What you’re suggesting is “despotic regime” stuff, not the kind of thing we should expect or even tolerate in a free and democratic system of government.


Anyone who consciously, and not including voter suppression, opts not to vote is essentially saying they consider the candidates to be equal.
And maybe from their privileged places that seems true. But if they care at all about others, it’s a real shame.


■■■■■ had broken a lot of stuff and killed a lot of americans*. so no, i wouldn’t have wanted biden running around after the previous failure of a president. that’s the job of prosecutors, and they’re doing that.

what i wanted from biden was him at work, helping to get america running again. and, in fact, he’s done exactly that.

(* the lancet estimates at least 140,000 people can be directly attributed to ■■■■■'s fact free covid response. )

No, actually. The DOJ needs to be independent of political influence, so what Trump would like to do with it can’t happen.


I wouldn’t assume that the Democratic primaries are a lock. A lot can happen.

There are deadlines to file to run in a primary, and some big states’ deadlines have already come and gone.


Anyone who thinks Trump and the GOP would be any better for Palestinians than Biden and the Democrats is either letting their anger blind them to reality, being hopelessly naive, or talking in blatant bad faith.

I can guarantee that Trump would be catastrophically worse than Biden, whatever your main issue with Biden is.


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