Onion editor regrets portraying Joe Biden as skeevy yet loveable uncle

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/05/17/onion-editor-regrets-portrayin.html


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Oh definitely don’t pay $3 for it, no nononono.


If only the Onion had that much real influence.


Humans seem to have a death wish instinct. Like magnetically drawn to bad decisions. For a second I thought that Starbucks guy was gonna rise up for similar reasons. On some level I think it’s why Trump won the nomination and presidency. People can’t help but wanna know what would happen if they choose the insane thing. Schwarzenegger as governor. Maybe in a more innocent example boaty mcboatface. Please people can we just not do that again. (Bad presidential candidates, not cute boat names I mean)


President Joe Biden would be far from the worst political decision Americans have made in our lifetimes. (Sure, there are a number of Democratic candidates who’d make for a better president, but still.)

Also, I initially thought that this was a meta-aware Onion article.


It would be far from the worst political decision Americans have made since 2015, even. Biden’s not my choice, but he’s also not Donald fucking Trump.


Oh no don’t get me wrong. I agree.


Guy was the Vice President of the United States. It’s not the top spot, but I’m not sure I’d call it “disgrace and failure.”


Lighten up Francis.


President Joe Biden would be far from the worst political decision Americans have made in our lifetimes.

That bar is so low, since 2016, it’s in the fucking ground. We need to hold our officials to at least some standards.


“despite repeated runs at high office that ended in disgrace and failure.”

He’s not my first choice fer sure - but he had his moments - like being in the forefront in the White House on trans rights - and pushing for marriage equality before Obama was ready to commit.

Though he, Bernie & Donald are too long in the tooth for the job.


Yeah, I think the guy can relax a bit. He hasn’t even made it through a state primary yet. Now Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand needs to be taken out behind the wood shed. /s


Biden would be a disappointing choice. He would at least start to repair the damage Trump did, but he would not advance any of the progressive agenda.

Hoping Warren’s continuing stream of specific, actionable, progressive policies gets her the nomination. She would do a lot more to make things better.


I don’t think so - the people who elected him are by and large true believers, and many Republicans would probably say the last 2.5 years have exceeded their expectations (I’d like to see that question in a poll!).

That said, there were people in the Democratic Party who were basically saying “if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, I’m voting Trump” because they either thought it would bring the system crashing down or they thought he would pivot left on some key issues once in office. Not enough to swing the vote, but there were probably a few people in that boat. I wonder if those same people would vote Biden now?




Add together those people and the Democrats who threw a snit and voted for a third-party candidate, though, and it starts to seem pretty likely that they’d hit the 80K threshold that would have tipped the election the other way.


Yeah. But I saw a family member who’s a Republican recently and he tried to rib me asking if I was happy with Trump now. I said - the question is are you happy with him? He got a little embarrassed and said no. There’s a number of those folks who need to be to be given a space to say - no - I’m really not happy with this guy.

Even if you just stay home next time dude - it’s better than the alternative.


As of current, I don’t give a fuck who becomes the next IS president as long as it is neither the sitting president nor one of his cronies. Especially not Pence.

Also, I whish BB would start a bit of an effort around the upcoming European elections, bit that’s just me (and my +500 million EU citizens, but they hardly count, do they?).


And he will do what he has spent his whole political career doing - moving the Democrats further to the Right, licking billionaire colon, and undermining democracy so that the very rich can get what they want at your and our expense. He may be worse than Reagan. He may be worse the George the First. But at least he’s not as bad as a senile Fascist. And as long as he’s not actually sending Mexicans to death camps he’s totally cool.

When the DNC and its media surrogates finish this campaign’s dirty tricks I’ll hold my nose and vote for him, but how many more go-arounds of “Not quite as bad as your worst nightmare” do we have to go through? What will be left besides bare rock and people eating each other before we say “That’s enough. We need something better than not-quite-as-bad”?

And for those who say he’s “far from the worst” Dem running this time, tell me something. Who is worse? What pack is he far ahead of?