Cable News Optics Disasters in World War II

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You know who WASN’T an optics disaster?



Depressing perfection! Right down to the “Mwaa” finger-kiss effect. (just in case anyone else was lugubriously curious the German translation is haphazardly: “But on the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe…”) -sigh-


I remember an old joke my dad used to tell.

“You need to choose between three candidates for president. The first one drinks and smokes like a chimney and has had multiple affairs. The second one drinks and smokes and has had at least one affair. The third one not only doesn’t smoke or drink but is a vegetarian and is very loyal to his fiance.”

If you pick the third one then congratulations you just voted for Hitler over Roosevelt and Churchill.


That joke doesn’t work so well in America because a sizeable chunk of the electorate won’t vote for a vegetarian. Too alien. The common man can’t relate. Also internet rumors that they’re being feminized by the soy.


A man with the courage of his convictions to stand by his beliefs even when the rest of the world was telling him he was wrong, a veteran who served, by all accounts, honorably and bravely in combat in defense of his country as a young man, a man who loves animals, a man who eschews luxury and decadence and is not interested in the trappings of personal wealth. Now that’s a man who can change the world!

ETA: and perhaps the biggest qualification of all: the dude killed Hitler.


Anyone who literally killed Hitler is OK in my book!



Once they get hold of a time machine EVERYBODY goes back and kills Hitler. It’s just… what they do. Luckily, we here at the Temporal Adjustments Guild are there (or more accurately: when) for defending the ur-timeline.


The Hitlers.
Worst. Honeymoon. Ever.

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“trollop island”? bang on the money.


Mabo tofu

and Soon dobu

Are spicy tough dishes for only the strongest out there. The Soy would kick their asses.


ISWYDT! :wink:

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The three lower strips are nice, Ruben, but Mueller struck out not because he “looked old” but because he sounded clueless, and because he did a 180 on the most important question he was asked.

Imagine Churchill saying “Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war, but, it’s not in my purview.” and the comparison would be spot on.

I guess the joke is that the candidates’ politics weren’t something to consider?

The press reaction to Mueller’s testimony was so superficial - pathetic. The substance of 10 instances of Obstruction & Attempted Obstruction of Justice was barely mentioned.

So sad this isn’t funny. (I know; not meant to be.)

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