Caitlin Reilly plays "The girl In Your DMs who’s in a pyramid scheme"

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Not sure if that’s better or worse than “the girl in your DMs who’s a spambot.”


When someone says “it’s not a pyramid scheme” it’s the surest indicator that it is a pyramid scheme. Unless it’s an “inverted funnel” MLM opportunity, of course.


I’m 38 now and I think I have finally gotten all the MLM sellers out of my life (except my SIL but I think she just keeps a Doterra acct to buy it cheaper, she doesn’t really sell it).


The key to ridding your feeds of these MLM posts is to comment on every single post with links to articles about what a terrible deal it is for the salespeople.

My facebook feed used to be filled with Rodan & Fields posts, but no more. The key was links to articles about how the coveted R&F Lexus that’s “given” to top sellers is actually a rip-off itself: They make you sign a multi-year lease for the car in your own name (obligating you to pay like $800/mo) and R&F promises to make the payments on your behalf only so long as you (and your patsies below you on the pyramid) keep your sales above some astronomical level. Plus you have to pay income tax on the lease payments. It’s a terrible deal that’s emblematic of just how hard it is to really make money doing this stuff.


MLM is the life blood of the dim witted & low watt peoples of the Earth. Therefore essentially necessary to the survival of those mentioned above. I think, maybe…


I remember the first time I as exposed to something like this. Like 19 or 20 and some friends got mixed up in some pyramid schemes for pre-paid law protection.

And, like, they were explaining it to me, and I was like “Uh, this is a pyramid scheme.”

“No no, see, its like this.” Draws a circular arrangement of how it works.

“Yeah, but if you cut out a slice, like this, it’s a pyramid.”

Combined with that and the face I have very very little discretionary income in college, I kept scam free.


When you hear the words “this is NOT pyramid selling” that’s the secret to knowing it’s pyramid selling.


If you’ve never seen MLM content in your FB feed, does it mean that everyone’s blocked you?
Asking for a friend.


How much does amway tip toe into MLM? I have a cousin that got hooked into it maybe 15 years ago. He’s still swabbing decks of AMZN and MSFT employees’ yachts on the Sound while hanging pictures of yachts, airplanes and diamonds on his fridge at home. Sigh.

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“I never thought in a million years I’d buy myself a Subaru, but here we are.”



She’s got an amazing collection of these. A new Sarah Cooper?

“Live often and laugh well” sounds like a pretty good philosophy to me


I’m pretty sure Amway is bobbing in the deep end of the MLM pool not just tip toeing. My mom’s boss when I was growing up was doing Amway on the side (guess he didn’t make enough as a doctor…) and we always used to get Amway crap from him for Christmas. And years ago one of my work friends invited me to his house for dinner. In addition to meeting his wife he also wanted to pitch me on Amway so I could be in his downstream. I politely declined but we weren’t quite as chummy after that.

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Could be just a upside down triangle w/ a bunch more smaller upside down triangles underneath it, and they all coalesce when you zoom out to form a gigantic upside down triangle. That is in no way, shape or form a pyramid scheme either.

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A Sierpinsky Scheme?


Almost. The large one here is upside down but the others are right side up, so to quote Bishop from Aliens, this graphic must represent “something we haven’t seen yet”!!

I once worked tech for a large Amway meeting/conference. On stage, the producers never talked about the products once. The only thing they talked about was recruiting more members beneath you so that you could be elevated to the vaunted diamond level and earn multiple iterations of commissions. It was totally a pyramid scheme to my mind.


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