Calculate how much you'd pay in taxes if you paid the same rate as Donald Trump

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And we don’t even need to click. It always comes up zero, right?

That’s not actually damning, especially for a Republican. There’s got to be something much worse for him to be so secretive.


I was amused by this bit, though:


While amusing, I don’t think this sets the right tone. Less of a “OMG I can’t believe he doesn’t pay taxes” and more a “wouldn’t it be great to also pay no taxes”.


I agree. His base won’t care either way; they are immune to truth. However, what I have noticed over the past week is the media taking him seriously as an actual candidate for president and not just an amusing sideshow.

I imagine it’s having an actual impact on swing voters who are willing to go along with the “CEO as president” narrative. Though there’s been vast evidence of his poor judgment in that realm, it’s all required some level of follow-up that the 30 second news cycle and average citizen just isn’t equipped for anymore. Shaming a woman a day after being accused of it and tacitly acknowledging tax avoidance and declaring that “genius” (which makes us tax-payers…?) is compact enough to actually reasonate.

Maybe. We’ll see.

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Do the math

That’s a stretch for most tRump GOP’ers.


Part of the point is that we pay more taxes because people like him pay none. They are like giant mosquitos sucking the wealth out of our country. They use other people’s money and other people’s labor, and keep all the profits for themselves, while putting nothing back into the system that makes it all possible.

I’m ok with paying taxes for a functioning, prosperous country, but it’s absurd that we have to carry the weight of people like this. You hear a lot of Republicans complain about welfare queens, but Trump is the equivalent of thousands of them.


He’s the best welfare queen, the yuuugest.

If you have family members supporting the GOP nominee who don’t understand the phrase “corporate welfare” just point at the Short Fingered Vulgarian the next time his orange visage classes up the TV screen.


If Trump does get elected I would like to see a lot of people submitting their 1040 (US federal income tax) forms to the IRS with nothing but the sentences "“Let’s say that they do a job that’s not good, or a job that they didn’t finish, or a job that was way late. I’ll deduct from their contract, absolutely,” " written on them as protest.


funny, but no Hillary, you can’t have my email address


It’s a shame that the “Trump won’t show his tax returns because of his many large donations to NAMBLA” effort never took off.


Probably still less harmful to his reputation than if he just turns out to be (relatively) poor

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He’s not behaving like he cares much about his “brand,” or what you or I might call reputation.

It must be difficult for him to exist on such a high plane of existence, way above the comprehension of us proles.

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