California drought: State orders historic water cuts for farmers

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regulators have told over 100 growers and irrigation districts they must dipping into drought-starved rivers

Stop dipping, perhaps?

Did they accidentally the whole thing?


I accidentally a 97MB rar files once… Is it dangerous?


See this is why we need to cut back on NASA, all they do is cause droughts and melt the ice caps. Remember the good old days when we sent a man to the moon in a GASOLINE powered space ship?


NASA is one of the very few entities furthering the public good…

Attack the corporations leeching of taxpayer money first, once that’s done, and only if thats done, can you touch a public good such as research…


but are they telling them to stop pumping from the aquifer? all the pumping is making the ground sink.

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Petroleum Pete agrees, and wants to take all the children on a ride to another planet in a gasoline powered rocket.


NASA is wiretapping your phone this very moment. I heard they launched a satellite that is constantly looking at the Earth, probably at me right now. And they’re spying on other planets! You support this egregious affront to democracy…!?


That’s pretty amazing. Farmers were already doing some self-imposed water restrictions, but it was never going to be enough.

In better news, San Francisco and some neighboring counties have plenty of water (Hetch Hetchy is 90% full). There was an initiative a while ago to tear down the dam, but that is almost certainly dead for another 50 years now that people are reminded why we built it in the first place.


That’s NSA. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s NRO. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true.

Well, the citizens of the other planets can complain to the United Nations…

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How long before some hippy dippy libtard comes along and blames this on climate change? We all know that climate change is just a big old hippy dippy libtard conspiracy started by algore and his science minions. I will give the conspiracists credit however. Making the rain stop in California and much of the west for such a long time just to try and rope some more rubes into their conspiracy must have taken some doing! Algore must have a weather control machine!

(I don’t need to label this as sarcasm, do I? Then again, Poe’s Law being what it is…)


@Melted_Crayons It doesn’t sound like it.

I can’t believe water rights are based on the same principle of ‘dibs’. Whoever says it first wins. For all time.

Dibs is that missing 10th of the law.

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But… But… Gawd made it start raining in Texas because Rick Perry prayed! Remember? He prayed, and like 4 years later the drought had stopped. Undeniable proof of gawd’s power!

If it makes you feel better I am looking at you right now. And you’re eating Cherry Garcia? Everyone knows Phish Food is the best.


Too many people going underground
Too many reaching for a piece of cake
Too many people pulled and pushed around
Too many waiting for that lucky break

That was your first mistake
You took your lucky break and broke it in two
Now what can be done for you
You broke it in two


Looks like all those apocalyptic movies and predictions about California breaking apart and falling into the ocean were dead wrong. Obviously, California is falling into the Desert.

Hope El Nino and La Nina will bring you some relief.


By how much would we need to reduce carbon emissions in order to restore adequate levels of rain and snow to California?

I’m not asking for a gene-splicing degree of precision here. A number with a 20-30% margin of error would be fine.