California parents: file this form to keep your kids' school records private

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The legalese in this form states that the signer “objects” to the release of this info, not that the paper will actually prevent the release of said info. Interesting.


The court has said that objectors’ info will be held back.

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I went here and found this statement:

Why do you want my child’s social security number?

We do not want your child’s social security number. CDE has represented that social security numbers may be included in some databases, which they will be producing in their entirety.

Why don’t they have a 3rd party anonymize the data? Especially since they are already going to have to edit out all the objectors.


Why the hell can’t they just scrub the records of identifying information like names and social security numbers at the very least?


Because it’s probably a FERPA violation to hand it over to any third party.

BTW, the form requests information on the child AND the school they attended. It doesn’t say so anywhere that I can find, but I would guess that you need to file a separate form for each school that your child attended.

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“held back” makes it a catch-22. The option is between copying the data wholesale between databases that could be stolen/mined in their entirety, or highlighting particular data which will have to be hand-inspected by unnumbered, unidentified, unknown parties as part of an effort to prevent the former.

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Do you have any evidence that this is true? I ask because I work in CA K12 IT and have been involved in this issue for my school District (my department provides the data to the CDE that they are required to disclose). I’ve seen nothing to indicate that filing an objection will have any effect on whether or not my own kids’ data is disclosed.

People have been using “objection” and “opt-out” interchangeably, but nothing that the court has produced (that I’ve seen) indicates that anything other than an objection is possible.

Like the plaintiffs?

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the court has ordered disclosure of the school records of every California

All of the Californias? Even… secret California?

Because they don’t know data can be anonymized. It’s in the USA, not in Europe.

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