Once you have a student's name, birthday and SSN, the US Department of Education will give you EVERYTHING else


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/24/ssns-cost-4-bucks.html


Tis the season of giving…


That’s ok since soon we won’t have anymore federal student aid programs so this will cease to be an issue.


I don’t want to call bullshit on this, but I’m having some serious doubts.

Just by coincidence, I just filed a FAFSA for my son, so I figured I’d check out the alleged vulnerability.

Obviously, I had my son’s name, SSN, and DOB handy. While those items do allow one to log in to the FAFSA account, it appears that you cannot go any further without the FSA-ID and password. Clicking on any link brings up a demand for the FSA-ID login and password.

I’d be happy to apologize for my scepticism if I’m in error. I posted a comment to the author (of the article, not Cory - now THAT would be a waste of time) and I’m awaiting a response.


The article addresses your point:


Nope, that’s a completely different matter.


And I get a letter from Equifax and their ilk asking me to pay them to protect yourself in this dangerous world.


Looked myself up.
Found nothing, so I conclude there is no problem.



What choice do we have? My son is applying to colleges, and we have been told we need to use FAFSA as a common application for student aid from both public and private sources.


“Do not log in with the FSA ID if you are not the student.”

See? Problem solved.


Foiled again!


Brought to you by the same people who discovered water is wet.


On the plus side, if anyone tried to extract large numbers of accounts from this site, it’d probably crash, and never be rebooted since no one works there any more.


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