California ski resort to stay open through Fourth of July because of massive snowfall

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GlObAl wArMiNg iS a hOaX!


There were some great photos of Mammoth Mountain and some of their lifts being closed due to too much snow:


i was gonna say… Mammoth stays open until the 4th of July pretty often, and this year is definitely not any different.


California is famously a place where you can go skiing and surfing on the same day. Maybe this year is the year that I finally do it, just to say that I did.


Yea, they already announced they would be open until the end of July.
There are certainly times I wish I still lived in the Bay Area. It was so easy to just take a day off and go up and back to ski. I stopped skiing regularly when I moved to San Diego 22 years ago. The only decent mountain is Mammoth and that’s a LONG drive for me.


oof, yeah, that’s a long way. even living in Reno with Mammoth 3 hours away it’s too far, lol. I’ve only ever been there once, but i’ve been PAST it (on the way to L.A.) many times. What about Big Bear – isn’t that a bit closer to you?

Even the major resorts around Tahoe are too far to go for us – with traffic and all, it would take an hour or even more to get to any of them. We’re so spoiled with Mt. Rose being on the eastern slope of the Sierra. I can go from our back door to the lift line in 45 mins, and to the top of the run in one hour exactly. It’s hard to go anywhere else.

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Big Bear and Snow Summit get swamped by LA and OC people on decent snow days and they are tiny and their snow is… meh. Even with all the snow this year, they hardly have anything compared to Sierra resorts.
When I used to do my quick trips to Tahoe, I was able to get from the south bay to Sugar Bowl or Kirkwood in under 4 hours. The latter you had to make sure the roads were clear as 88 wasn’t plowed as much as 80…
Sometimes my friend and I would get up a little early and go all the way to Squaw - now Palisades.

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Palisades is a NIGHTMARE these days. so much traffic from the Bay Area and all points around Tahoe, i don’t know how anyone even bothers to go there. it takes hours, and it probably would be easier to start the night before you want to ski, sleep overnight and get up closer at o’dark thirty to get rolling in line.

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