California to set aside 30 minutes a day for school kids to sit and talk about Roblox outside

Eh? Do you know any school aged kids? Most definitely do not sit around talking during recess. They’ll talk, sure, while they are running around and climbing anything that will bear their weight. They’ve put a lot of effort into holding still in class for hours.

This law is a good thing. Lots of studies show recess is vital to children’s learning and behavior. Any outside time is beneficial. Removing recess as punishment for behavioral issues has been shown to exacerbate those issues. In addition, that punishment is also historically racist. Like many school punishments.

Edit to add: this is for k-8. Not just elementary like I’d thought. I can see more of the middle schoolers choosing to sit and talk. But there is value in unstructured time for the middle schoolers too


Tried to inject a bit of humor and fell on my face


Ah, thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

Our kid has recently asked for Roblox. Not looking forward to navigating that :confused:


No! They’ll miss their flights!


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