Middle school investigated for having misbehaving students sit on black asphalt for 30 minutes in 95-degree heat

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I hate to be dogpiling on public schools because I know that’s exactly what the far right want us to do, but I have two kids at two different elementary schools (due to special ed) and this doesn’t surprise me. They’ve had a huge amount of discipline problems this year due to kids going through a pandemic/digital learning/the entire world is a dumpster fire and every tactic they come up with seems to be like throwing gasoline on it TBH. My daughter’s class has recess at the end of the day. The kids act up, they get minutes off of recess. Don’t you think the fact that they’ve been there for 6 hours before they get recess is the reason they’re acting up? So you take away more recess time? Special ed is worse but at least we have the IEP process so we can have a say. My daughter gets in trouble for doodling when she finishes her math problem before everyone else. She is supposed to just…sit there. She has adhd.

I may end up homeschooling in the next couple years.


Nice to see sadists get to practice their chosen art/punishment, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


I’m having flashbacks to Catholic school


Catholic School / vicious as Roman Rule
I got my knuckles bruised / by a lady in black
and I held my tongue / as she told me “son…
fear is the heart of love” / so I never went back…


So, it’s perfectly o.k. if it’s not hot outside. is that it?

I somehow doubt the school turned itself in…

We already know the ‘how’. The why is what needs to be determined, as well as the who.

Unless, of course, the students act up.

Too late for that. The story is already on The Interwebs.
Good luck putting that genie back in the bottle.


Corporal punishment. That was a part of my Grandfather’s legitimate fear (he was a devout atheist) when, against his wishes, my Mom insisted on I and my two siblings attending a Catholic school. Luckily, our school was quite progressive; corporal punishment was forbidden. The only problem came from a male lay teacher who my painful encounter with got him summarily fired then replaced with a wonderful, loved-by-all teacher, now legendary in that neck of the woods.


I think that’s probably more common in Catholic school now, since corporal punishment is not nearly as normalized as it used to be. It used to be common in public school, too.


Had a parent done this, CPS would currently have custody of the kids while the investigation was under way. Assholes… (I could guess at the racial makeup of this group, but I will aver for the time being.)


Removal of recess as a punishment is both stupid and cruel. It only makes behavior worse. There is a ton of research on the benefits of recess and the negative results of taking it away.

Also- recess at the end of the day?! Recess is supposed to be during the day. That’s the whole point. If you have the energy, it might be time to start advocating for a real recess and rules so withholding recess can’t be used.


This form of punishment was regularly practiced at a big private elementary/junior high I taught at in northern Thailand (Chiang Mai specifically). As you can guess - it’s not exactly temperate there.

One day a couple little buggers in the class were up to no good - so I pointed to the door. I was intending for them to just leave and stop disrupting things - but sure enough they went marching down to the tarmac / sports area and stood with a few other unlucky souls.

A few moments went by before I felt bad for them (but not too bad) and saved them from the elements.

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At the beginning of the year I didn’t mention it because I thought it was a covid thing, spacing out the recesses so they weren’t sharing germs with kids from other classes as much (they also rotate what part of the playground they are on for this reason). I didnt find out that their grade has always been like this til the end of the year. Supposedly because of scheduling around all the teachers that need to pull kids out of class during the day (like SLPs, ESL, etc) there was no way around it and this grade has had late recess for years. The good news is that next year her grade will have recess in the middle of the day. I think I will mention both how late it is and the take away recess as punishment to the principal though, he is new and seems easy to work with. Most days out of the week my daughter says they lost a few minutes off of recess because some kids were talking. I have also explained to her the concept of collective punishment and war crimes and now she says “The teachers are committing war crimes again, this is against the ‘jen-i-va’ conventions.”


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What an awesome kid! I wish you luck with the principal. Taking away recess bc of talking is particularly asinine


WTH? That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

This is very troubling. I wonder if there are a lot of poorly trained teachers in school because a number of fully trained teachers retired early during the pandemic? Sorry to hear this.




That teacher’s some genius, punishing a child for being intelligent! I hope they lose that job.


I am late to this discussion, but as I read through the comments, one thing kept coming into my head. They need to pay teachers more. No, not to reward this behavior, but to attract better teachers. All of this bs is due to people being teachers and administrators who have no business being teachers or administrators. These sound mostly like people who just want to beat (mostly metaphorically) compliance into these kids. The only people who become teachers now are a few people who feel passionately about it (thank you) and a bunch of people for whom this is the best paying job they can get. And with as low as the pay is, that’s telling. I have never been a fan of home schooling, but if I had kids right now, I would seriously consider it.


The good news is that there are still far more of the former than the latter.


I hope so, but days it seems the opposite.