Florida cop handcuffs and arrests a 6-year-old girl for throwing a temper tantrum

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Any teachers or administrators involved should also face consequences.


Cops shouldn’t be in schools. Have we as a society degraded so much that a police officer wouldn’t realize that putting handcuffs is wrong?


What the shit? How is this not taught in cop school?

Not like it’s anything but common sense, but since that went out the window 40 years ago, you think they’d at least mention “hey, don’t do normal cop stuff to a pre-teen!”


This is fucking wrong.
That is all.


How much of a goddamn pussy do you need to be to be a 6ft 200+ lb man who restrains & arrests a six year old girl begging through tears to be given a second chance?

Yeah, what the fuck?! The counselor just giving the A-OK for a little girl to be arrested and taken into custody without a parent or guardian present. That’s a fantastic way to build trust with your students, dickhead.


Florida doesn’t have a minimum age limit for arrest.
That is also fucked up.


Since the system is set up to protect people in power from seeing any consequences for abusing it, I don’t expect any of them to be fired.

I think we need to see more lawsuits naming the individuals involved, in addition to the institutions. They might not be able to fire them, but they could get their house and their pension.


I’ve been cuffed (in a not for fun kinda’ way) several times.
I found it dehumanizing.


Okay, so f*ck every adult involved in this: the counselor who calls the child “baby girl” while handing her over to the cops; the partner making sarcastic comments to a traumatized six-year-old; and the now-fired (although probably not for long) “school resource officer” who’s so obviously proud of arresting little kids.

I seriously hope that he’s not the only person to lose his job over this farce.


Also, why hasn’t some supplier capitalized on the need for child-sized handcuffs? /s



Also: Won’t somebody think of the children!


Thankfully i’ve never had to experience such a thing but i take your word for it, then again i’m pretty sure the entire justice system is designed to dehumanize people (unless they have money).


Damn charter schools. From the Orlando Sentinal article:

The Nixon academy, which had 116 elementary students enrolled at the end of last school year, earned a D on Florida’s annual school report card issued this summer.

(I’m the school’s defense, they claim they didn’t ask for the arrest, and if a child is acting out and landing punches on other students and teachers they probably need to do something. My own standby, sending in the clowns, isn’t always practical.)


I do agree that the school needed to do something in regards to a student getting aggressively physical. I don’t understand what the need was to have police intervene, i’d rather have the kid step out and call the parents.


Roger that. Nothing says, “you are made of meat” like having shackles on that you can’t take off. Doing that kind of a headgame on a six year old is unforgivable.


Precisely. And if you can’t get ahold of the parents/caregiver, you let the child sit in a corner somewhere until they calm down.

I have a 7 year old who gets worked up some time to the point where there is no reasoning with her; she just needs to blow it off. We’re working on it, although she only seems to vent at parents and sister and wouldn’t dream of doing that to a teacher or classmate.

When someone does eventually pick them up, explain to them what happened and that the child will be suspended for a few days if it happens again. That means the caregiver will have to take off of work or find some other solution which might inspire the caregiver to work with their ward.


It is hard to tell from the story how the police got involved, since the school says they didn’t ask for the arrest. Maybe they don’t want their teachers manhandling children for fear of lawsuits (they’re private, after all), so have outsourced some of that to the cops.

Me too, but that isn’t always easy if the kid doesn’t want to step out. That’s where the clowns are useful.

I do have sympathy for teachers because i’ve known parents that had very difficult kids. Particularly at such a young age some kids really lack self-awareness and impulse control and if they lash out there’s very few options to wrangle them. I don’t have kids and i don’t work with them so i would not presume to speak with authority on how this might’ve been handled better but seeing a cop arrest a kid is definitely not good.