Police officer arrests a 6-year-old child for having a tantrum at school

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Zero bonus points for correctly guessing the color of the child in question.


That pipeline from the schools to the prisons has gotten short as fuck, I see.


It’s less of a “pipeline” than a portal now.


Early detection is key. Teachers and counselors need to be aware of the signs of empathy deficits. “I want to be a police officer” is a big red flag


Before we rush to judgment on this, let’s remember that the six year old was no angel. I read she had an extensive record of non-compliance with authorities, including putting the blocks back in the wrong bin in her classroom and refusing direct orders to finish her sandwich before eating her cookie. She had a record as long as her arm, which admittedly in her case means it was very short.

Everybody wants to pile on this officer, but these school officers have to make SPLIT SECOND decisions–unless you’ve ever seen the carnage an apple sauce container can make, or been that thin blue line that stands between civilians and the tiny, sticky fists of a six year old girl, then you should probably keep the Monday morning quarterbacking to yourself.


Who could have seen that coming and done something about it before now aside from the officer themself and every superior they’ve had since their 1998 arrest?

By the way, the lede got buried here:

A police officer in Florida is under investigation after arresting two children, ages 6 and 8, at an elementary school last week on unrelated charges, officials said.

Two kids 8 and under arrested in the same week? Please take away this child abuser’s right to abuse children.


I will admit there were tantrums by my 3 kids where I wouldn’t have minded some jail time.

Mainly for me for some peace and quiet.


That police forces close ranks and conspire to make this more of a right than a professional, licensed, accountable, and rarely-deployed privilege ensures that ACAB will continue.


Sadly, what you type in sarcasm, Faux News is already work-shopping in cynical earnest.


Yeah, “school resource officers,” tend to be dumping grounds for crappy cops. No other cops will have to ride with them, or are likely to have to depend on them.


They are probably arguing that this particular cop is a liberal.


There was so much to love about that huge Vernor Vinge book, A Deepness In The Sky. But times like these I keep coming back to the off-stage action at Brisco Gap. A planetary government decided universal law enforcement of every rule on the book, all at once, was the way to solve its problems. And the Cheng Ho responded.

I keep wishing there was some kind of bat signal to summon the Cheng Ho when you needed them.


My son’s second grade class had a child who “threw tantrums” that forced the classroom to be evacuated at least once a week for half a year. The poor teacher sustained multiple injuries, including one above her eye from a thrown stapler. My impression was that the experience was traumatic for the teacher, as she was forced to endure physical violence with no support or protection from the school administration or the child’s parents. A number of other kids seemed affected by the experience, as well, although my son seemed totally indifferent to it. And then one day that child was no longer at the school.

Can’t say my anecdote has any connection or correlation to this story, but it’s a great example of the damage that can be caused to everyone involved when unqualified personnel are left to make their best decisions with limited tools at hand.


Probably reaching for her waistband and resisting arrest.

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Then you get the child the appropriate help. You don’t handcuff six-year-olds and throw them in the back of a cop car. And you sure as fuck don’t assign someone with a record for child abuse to a school.

Yes, kids can be violent. Arresting them is not the solution.


Brisgo Gap, but impressive memory or a throwaway line in a doorstopper of a book.

Sura turned away, and her artificial voice was soft. “No. I won’t be giving that speech. Elections? Funny
that you should be depending on them now… . .We’ve heard how you ended the Strentmannian Pogrom.”

The change in topic was absurd, but the comment touched a nerve. “I was down to one ship, Sura. What
would you have done?”I saved theirdamn civilization, the part that wasn’t monstrous.

I’m afraid there’s no Pham Nuwen coming to rescue us.


Hey, if yoga pants can house a gun, so could a diaper or velcro shoes

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None the less, ARRESTING THE CHILD is not the solution. The school should assist with whatever care the child needs to improve their behavior. ARRESTING THE CHILD is not that solution. Full stop. There is a long list of approaches that can be taken that do not criminalize behavior that all children exhibit at one time or another.

I do agree that training is a huge issue. Paying teachers a much better wage and giving them training in dealing with that act out for whatever reason would go a long way to helping solve this problem.

Arresting children does nothing to help.

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