California's Delta Fire: 15,294+ acres scorched in 24 hours, 'human involvement' blamed

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Just for easterners’ clarification, I5 is the main artery of the west coast, much like I75 or I95 in Florida.


In all seriousness I hope whoever started this is caught.


No worries. I have it on good authority that the whole climate change thing is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Nothing to see here. FAKE NEWS!! (/s if necessary)


It’s like 80 to 90% of forest fires wherein, “human involvement is blamed.”


This continues to be horrifying. For the first time ever, I now carry a fire shelter when I am out in the mountains.

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The Rebel State Of California has been on fire for 6 months. Got a smokejumper in the family, he may retire with the overtime he’s got this season.


Also, the fires are caused by lasers. I saw it in the comments of a Youtube video where the real facts can be found.

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That’s not the kind of terminology you want to hear your local meteorologist using.


I could be wrong, but I got the impression that is was the three simultaneous fires merging into one that raised suspicion of human involvement. I’m trying to imagine how that could be coincidence or even accident, but coming up blank.

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Smokejumpers have got to have just about the most macho job in the world, “I’m a firefighter… a parachuting firefighter.”

@GulliverFoyle I imagined that it was three contemporaneous fires that each spread until they merged; so not necessarily starting at the same time, but all burning at the same time. Not saying that it isn’t someone with a box of firelighters, mind.


These things always make me feel badly for all the critters :slightly_frowning_face:


Smokey the Bear says:

Gayness causes fires, floods and earthquakes. Look it up on the internet if you don’t believe me. Be like these people. Be part of a traditional family, and avoid God’s wrath.

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“In all seriousness I hope whoever started this is caught.”

‘Local rumor’ has it that a hay (Alfalfa) truck caught fire… and spread fire along the freeway.
The shippers/farmers stack ‘green’ alfalfa on the trucks, heat of decomposition in the center of the load causes ‘hay’ fires on the trailer. I’ve seen several ‘hay truck’ fires in this county over the last few years.

You’d think that the farmers would learn to not ship green alfalfa. (dunno)


Seems like if terrorists wanted to spread terror, just go start fires all over like the Japanese tried to do during WW2 with balloons.

Again, such low hanging fruit going unpicked just means there are no terrorists in the US.

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