California's marijuana industry now selling weaker weed

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Perhaps there will be a run on the “dirt weed” that was so available here in early 90s L.A., brown stuff that tasted awful, smelled terrible, and was very cheap.

You should have come down to San Diego. We got great weed that tasted good, smelled good, and got you high. Not blown out. Just a nice mellow high after smoking a whole J. Not like the stuff I had at a concert last year, where after 2 light drags I was hanging onto the railing looking for the marked exists, “just in case.”


Edit: After actually reading the post, I guess more choice is a good thing. So…


Like to see the data on this?

Just back from the local dispensary, the bag I got for $100 US was stuffed to the gills with every known form of cannabis goodies that can be had, the “Smookies” gummies are still a whooper of a deal, put you in that special mood. As for the smoke, dang that shit will lift ya up to the stratosphere in like one puff.


I started getting my weed from Washington State at some point. Now I can choose between fantastic dispensaries, delivery services or dudes walking down the boardwalk selling cheap joints.


I know some people who “just like smoking” that this would be good for. Personally though I’d rather minimize the total amount of smoke I’m breathing. One quick puff, and get back to whatever I’m doing.

I would appreciate low potency stuff for social situations where the stuff just gets passed round n round- easy to get carried away!


Well. . . .

It’s not like everyone wants to get falling down drunk on whisky, some folks like just having a beer.


There must be something’s my wrong with me. If I smoke once or twice I just don’t ever really get high again unless I wait a long time before doing it again. Even tried like the super high wax and badder type stuff, nothing unless I wait weeks.


They are making weaker weed because they are smart. They realize they are leaving casual smokers behind with this nuclear arms race for higher potency.

When someone who only smokes once in a while can get much, much too high from just one puff, you lose them as a customer because one puff is the smallest unit of measure ahead of zero puffs.


Bud Light





In other words, companies are finding a way to market their trim. I highly doubt that they have gone to any trouble to devolve strains when there are thousands and thousands of pounds of lower-thc plant matter being thrown out.


Same. I have a little glass pipe that I keep handy and I really only smoke one little bud the size of your average thumbnail over the course of one day. I know I could eat gummies if I wanted to, but they lack the initial takeoff sensation that smoking has.

ETA: Just to narrow it down, I usually buy my weed at around a 25% concentration of THC. It’s enough to get me high without trying to join the Marijuana Olympics.


I don’t think having weaker weed is necessarily a bad thing (if that doesn’t come at the expense of having stronger stuff available). As it has been mentioned sometimes a light buzz is all you need, and if one or two drags are going to take me to space that’s a problem if that’s not what i want at that moment.

Sadly i don’t see the day i’ll be able to light up any time soon. In TX, and also my profession requires me to be 100% clean. Some day :sob:


Many folks share the idea that there’s a lot more to getting high than THC
percentages. Here’s one article on that note.

Terpenes, genetics, and grow quality matter.
Here in Colorado, one can buy $100 ounces of 33% dry, odorless shwag. The cough eclipses the (usuallly marginal) buzz.
High end brands cost up to $60 per 8th out the door and rarely push past 20% THC. However, after not coughing from a couple puffs of delicious fruity or gassy terps, you forget your name and giggle uncontrollably while searching for munchies and/or the remote control. Good times!


Makes sense to me. Not everyone wants shots of Everclear when they drink. Or like with cigars, some are way milder to smoke than others.


At least it’s voluntary and intended to enhance the experience for users.
Some states like Vermont already limit THC content just because.
Here in Colorado, we survived an attempt by newly minted US House Rep Yadira Caraveo to limit THC content (For the Children!), but her bill was successful in limiting access to medical weed for poor people by requiring two separate MDs to approve an application while pushing physicians out of the biz (the law requries docs to write a prescription for weed, which can cost them their DEA license–still mired in court). Prohibitionists wear all kinds of hats and scrubs.


I’m sorry… are you trying to suggest that regulation is the same as prohibition? Because it really isn’t. There are excellent reasons to have regulations on drugs that are legalized. One of the MAJOR arguments for ending prohibition was that the lack of regulation of alcohol killed people - which it did.

And yes, I’m AWARE that marijuana is not like alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that some regulation around it isn’t a good idea. People getting unexpectedly higher than they thought they would can cause problems.


Yeah… There is exactly nothing a person can do once they have taken too much. It’s nice to have less than Snoop Dog potency levels for mere mortals.

And I’m sure CA growers can make a moderate content plant with a nice green color and not ship it inside of a gas tank.


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