Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to take up staggering 213 gigabytes of storage space

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Brand new AAA games are usually what define the boundary between “storage is cheap” and “storage isn’t cheap enough”. Now that everything is downloaded I suppose we also have to add in the value of download times (including massive follow-up patches for games that are rushed to market).

I’m just glad my gaming habits trail the market by at least three years.


The cost of additional storage is ridiculous for consoles. Until quite recently, the Xbox S shipped with 512GB of storage; if you want to double it, another 512GB retails for £150!

I’m glad my gaming habits have finally drifted away from endless first person shoot 'em ups and towards the ‘pick it up and play it for ten minutes’ ethos of the Nintendo Switch.


I used to play CoD quite a lot.

Got tired of paying for the same game once every six months.

The changed some of the mechanics and I just wasn’t having fun anymore.

Maybe it’s time to revisit Halo


Looks up from his 6 year old LG G7 phone with sd card slot while switching tabs in Firefox checking on the latest iPhone 15 capacity options and pricing (for the wife)…

The cost of additional storage when it is only given by the supplier is ridiculous across the board on everything.


“Things cost more than they used to!”

“Back in my day a game fit on a floppy!”

“Kids these days don’t understand the value of a gigabyte.”

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Gotta say, blaming MS for the size of a game that’s been in development for years and for which they only bought last week is more than a little unfair.


didn’t some company want to connect an ssd directly to the graphics card for best performance?

sdcards are pretty slow, compared to that.

still, the Xbox isn’t locked down as tightly as a mac.


And here I thought adding a 61TB SSD to a Steam Deck was silly.

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Yeah, they’re stupidly expensive. The prices for those cards were okay when they launched, but SSD prices have plummeted over the last year or so, and Xbox storage expansion cards haven’t followed. Luckily you can get CFexpress-to-m.2 adapters on ebay or Aliexpress that allow you to use a regular off-the-shelf SSD to expand storage on either Xbox, but that’s a pretty janky solution.

This install size is also wild. I mean, I’ve installed a few 150GB-ish games, and even that is downright crazy. But the OP here is also miles off with their critique - there’s no way uncompressed audio files take up an even remotely significant proportion of this. High resolution textures and visual assets are the main reason. The only thing I’m wondering is if this 213GB is using compressed assets with DirectStorage - and if so, what the hell kind of textures they’re using - or if they’re just that bad at updating their engine…

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The storage expansion port also uses a standard CFexpress interface, so you can get adapters for m.2 drives off Ebay or Aliexpress for that, which saves you from disassembling the console. Reportedly that isn’t so bad, but if my years in tech retail taught me anything, it’s that people can break things doing the most trivial task.

The GPU you’re thinking of is likely the Radeon SSG, which was oriented at compute and not gaming. It would likely take a massive gpu driver rework to make an SSD work as a cache like that - and DirectStorage makes this unnecessary as it allows any system SSD to stream compressed assets directly to the GPU without passing by the CPU for decompression anyhow.

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Good to see my 2017 HP Omen is still able to easily pass the min requirements.

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