Calling Samantha Wright the "cutest weightlifter" is objectifying and sexist


Having spent a lot of years at the gym with men and women, where one can be respected for their own accomplishments, I clicked on the link to weigh in.

Then I saw the pic. Damn, she’s cute.


Behind the pairing of those words, “cutest” and “weightlifter,” lies an implicit irony, an irony intended to juxtapose mental images that render the qualities of daintiness beside that of brutishness. Contrary to that implication, the qualities, beauty and strength, are not antithetic. They are harmonious.

Nice way to completely contradict yourself. Sounds like it all depends upon the context, the intention of the speaker. So it’s harmonious if I don’t intend it ironically? This sounds like two simultaneous problems - that of evaluating women based primarily upon their appearance, and that of fickle cultural standards for beauty. I think it’s possible to acknowledge and be respectful of both factors. Women aren’t decorations, and fit people can be at least as beautiful as the waifish twigs featured in the fashion world.


Her essay is somewhat undermined by her own preferred characterization of the juxtaposition of her appearance and weightlifting abilities. Her website is Pixiestrength and her twitter is @pixiestrength.


Is there no possibility that her use of the word “pixie” has something to do with her physical height?

Much ado about nothing.