Camera crew creeps exposed in record time at New York Comic Con


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Earning some good Internet Points for the use of ‘douchecast’; I think I’ll borrow that…


I’m more concerned with the lack of response from the Con’s “security” team once it was reported earlier. That’s strike TWO and THREE. Someone should take pictures of the people running this Con and post them on-line so that people will be warned off what to expect.

Sleeze marketing. Harassment of femfan. Just a bunch of greedy douchebags out to make a buck off Comic fans.


How about a Kickstarter campaign to post bail and pay fines for anyone responding to the douche crew with pepper spray?


A taser would be funnier.


Back in the 1880s, college fraternities instructed their members in the social graces, so that a member could bring credit upon the organization. Not so much, any more.


At the NON-PROFIT conventions that I go to (and frequently volunteer at), these douchebags would be on the street in 5 minutes. We do not put up with this kind of shit.



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Thanks so much for covering this incident, and for BoingBoing’s support against convention harassment. There has been significant developments about this incident, including responses from Man Banter and New York Comic Con. All of this is being archived on my tumblr (

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I thought the exact same thing. (Especially once I realized that we go to a lot of the same conventions!)

“Man Banter apologizes to anyone offended, and it won’t happen again”

Uhhhh. . . “it won’t happen again”? They must mean “at that particular point in space/time” because if this stunt is any indication, they WILL offend lot’s of people as long as they keep making videos.


Depressing. They have hundreds of youtube videos. Bleargh.

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“Manhood,” to the modern brah:

  1. Be a douchebag.
  2. Get identified as a a douchebag and treated like a douchebag.
  3. Mewl about being treated like a douchebag.

We have 1 and 2; I predict 3 within 48 hours.


Yep… this is the correct response. You immediately call attention to what they’re doing and enlist a group of people to kick them out. I’d also take their camera, remove SD cards/tapes and destroy them on the spot. Go ahead an sue me: see who wins.

Fucking assholes.

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Looks like they’ve closed their Twitter and Facebook accounts and set all the videos on their douchecast to private.


After a little research, we determined that Babchik works for Sirius after all, just not for the station listed on his card. He’s got a neat little skeezy internet media empire of his own growing, as well.

I think Sirius might be interested to know that one of their employees is using their brand as an “in” to harass people at conventions.

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