Can I search the posts in a topic?

Hi, I wanted to find if someone had already commented with some specific idea/link, but crtl-F doesn’t work, since the results are not all loaded at the same time.

I tried using the magnifying glass while on the page itself, but that just searches on the whole BBS.

Its a huge pain in the behind now, totally aware of it, was struggling with this myself on the underrated / overrated movie topic.

We plan to change it so search automatically scopes on topic (broadening to everything if nothing found in topic) and displays multiple hits per topic.

So you would see something like this in the search results allowing you to navigate to the post.

#2 by Bob "bob bo bob" 
#7 by Bill "bla bla bla"

Give it a shot now, search is much more sane in the context of a topic.

I still need to rewrite the excerpting code, but it is very functional.

Can you change it so that it attempts to scroll the top of the post to about 33% down the screen, instead of reloading the thread? Would feel a lot smoother, as then the screen doesn’t blank.

Then, once you have the “scroll top of post to 33% down the screen” function, would be nice if it was applied to the J/K buttons…

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Totally support both reqs, care to give them a try :wink:

Okay, fine :stuck_out_tongue:

This is done and deployed.

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I love the way j and k work. Awesome.

What’s the relationship between this “bbs” and the actual Discourse project ? It seems that every issue raised here is rapidly fixed and pushed.

Are we guinea pigs ? ^^

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I may be kind of an old fart, but I’m not crazy about sites that use javascript for navigation. It may look a bit better, or use fewer resources, but it often breaks something else.

Here, it’s crtl+f. On some other sites, it’s the back button, because javascript is used for the pagination. On my company’s intranet, I can’t open links in a new tab, because the links are for “javascript:…”, not a regular URL.

This turned into a rant, sorry :slight_smile:

What do you guys think ? Does this sort of thing bother you too, do you take it into account in your developments ?

ctrl+f will be quirky here because only the visible-ish part of the stream you are wading in is loaded at any given time.

Imagine a topic with 3,000 replies. Would all those be on the same “page”? (This will actually work OK on very small topics since the stream is so small it is actually all loaded on the page.)

We’ve talked about capturing ctrl+f and having it open the search button in the upper right.

There should be absolutely no issue with the back button, and that’s a far more critical piece than a keyboard shortcut most average folks don’t even know exists. Open as new tab will also work fine, with a caveat around a quirk of Firefox.

Yes, I wasn’t talking about this project, but in general.

(Was going to start a new thread, but since this one’s right here…)

I have two issues here.

One, loading 3000 replies at once would indeed be a problem, but no thread in the (short) history of the BoingBoing BBS has as many as 500, and only 19 have more than 200. There’s got to be a happy medium between “load every single post in the entire thread” and “only load the posts that are visible on the current screen.” 100-200 posts are a time seems like it would work (although it might trip people up on longer threads, if they got used to searching normally and didn’t realize that it breaks on long threads).

Two, it’s not just that it only loads the current screen, it’s that it UNloads everything that’s not the current screen. I can understand wanting to reduce needless bandwidth, but right now, if I start at the beginning of the thread and page-down to the end, I can still only search the current screen or so. That means you’re making my browser throw out a bunch of data that it’s already received. If I page back up to the top of the thread, you’ve had to send me the entire thread twice for no good reason. Allowing posts, once loaded, to remain so would both save on bandwidth and let people Ctrl-F properly once they’d flipped through the entire thread once. That seems desirable.

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