How do I search for things I have posted?

How do you search through your own posts on Discourse? I tried the magnifying glass icon and it isn’t going a good job of pulling up my past posts. I hate to say it, but even Disqus worked much better.

Is the ability to search through one’s own posts with keywords hidden somewhere?

Just initiate the search from a specific user page, notice the help text there:

That’s not working on my own user page. It’s blank in that field.

Are you using IE10 or IE9? There is placeholder text for me in Firefox and Chrome there.

Ok, the search functionality is the same, but it doesn’t show the hint text in the field (at all) when I use Safari 5.1.9 on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8. It does show the hint text in Chrome 28.0.1500.71 on Mac 10.6.8 and it does show the hint text as well with Safari 6.0.5 with Mac Mountain Lion 10.8.4. So, it’s something with Safari 5.1.9.

But, anyway, as I said, I’m still getting the same poor search results with Chrome and Safari 6.x in 10.8.4 as with Safari 5.x in 10.6.8.

The search results aren’t being constrained to my own posts (which is really bad) and keywords aren’t really being highlighted, etc. It actually seems to focus more on the topic of the thread than the keywords contained within my posts themselves. Not good for finding old posts.

It’s simply hard to make sense of the search results.

Can you give specifics of your search so I can try? Hard to talk about this without examples.

For example on my user page I search for “whistleblower”.

When I first initiate search, it shows general topics instead of posts. Not too helpful.

Then the search results themselves are full of other people’s posts, once again, not what I would expect from search results that are supposed to be constrained to my posts:

It seem that I’m taken to Topics instead of a list of my posts related to the search. For an example of how this should work, try the Disqus search constrained to your own posts.

The first 8 results when searching “whistleblower” on your user page take you to posts that you created with the word “whistleblower”

Our UI could be better, it does nothing to indicate that the hit is going to a post deep in a topic, personally I feel showing the post number would do a lot to lift the confusion eg:

Additionally, we only show the first hit within a topic, meaning if you had whistleblower in a pile of posts on a single topic you are going to need to add more words to find a particular post. Personally I feel we should solve the “multiple hits in a single topic” problem, but am not sure what the ideal solution is.

Some of the fancy is going to have to wait on a more advanced search feature.

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Don’t feel bad. I just joined and I’m trying to figure out the same thing. That’s the worst part about joining a new site. I am literally all over Google, and now I have to start over with newbie status. I will figure this out…

In your case you have posted maybe 2 or 3 things, one of which was removed as spam, so finding them is simple: just click on your picture at the top right of every page to visit your user profile.

When I look at my user page and scroll down through the post list on the right, it loops endlessly through the same content.

Firefox on Windows 7, at the moment (I’m not home) with SDC, Adblock+, Noscript permitting BB and Discourse scripts (but not the ubitquitous and recently-appeared scripts).

On this link?

Cannot repro in Chrome latest or Firefox latest; as I scroll down, the dates get older and older and the content appears different.

No, this one:

But now I can’t reproduce it, either! I showed it to a couple people here, though, so I know it wasn’t my imagination. Maybe just a browser or server burp and nothing to do with your code? I dunno!

But in the immortal words of Emily Latilla, “never mind!”. I’ll let you know if I see it again.

and truly.
Welcome back.


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