Search Issue(s)

I can’t always find what I’m looking for.

I don’t mean I’m looking the wrong way (AFAICT), but I can’t even find some things I’m staring at.

Does “Search” search the meta category?

Searching for the exact words, even whilst staring right at them, search could not find them. I tried without hyphens, and shorter phrase originally (I ended up finding the post another way).

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but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need

[cue chorus]

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Refresh the page properly, the search function will start working again (IMLE).

[Shift]+Mouseclick the ‘Refresh’ button in firefox.

There’s defo a bug, seems to happen to me after searching a bunch of times.

Shouldn’t this be in the Bugs with the new BBS system topic… or in meta.discourse? And should that ‘new’ really be in there? Shouldn’t I have reported this?

Tsk tsk.

“Bugs with the new BBS System” is a huge unweidly mess. I cannot envision multiple bug-conversations going on there at once. Or rather, I cannot envision multiple bug-conversations going on there at once in a readable manner.

posting this at meta.discourse is a thing, if it is a problem with Discourse itself. I strongly suspect that the bug is reproducible at all Discourse sites – nobody is able to find that particular post!

But… it could be for multiple non-bug reasons here at the BBS (meta is not searched, caching, something else, who knows).

Search functionality itself is not broken – I can search for other things. But this particular post, I could not bring up despite searching for the exact (or even inexact) string contained w/in the post.

IME anything underneath the word ‘sage’ can be safely ignored.

I had the same issue. Occasionally a search term identical to published text would highlight all the ‘a’ characters on the page.

Other strange behaviour would also occur but I’m at a loss to remember exactly what.

maybe @jlw has stealth mode? It’s his party.

I got no idea. @codinghorror may.

Try searching for just “like-farming” without the quotes.

I think it’s searching for all those low-value words like “I’m” “in” “it” “for” etc.

This is working for me, now.

That’s actually how I started out searching… only once I found the original quote did I try the whole thing.

Has something been updated in the last couple of hours?

We updated our malware to latest.


Superfish 2.0!

Search terms are finicky – subset of a word is not the same as the word. Eg, “robot” and “robots” give different result sets in Huffing Boing Boing

I would expect that searching for “rob” would be larger set, “robot” would be a subset, and “robots” would be a subset of that.

Instead, they appear to be considered distinctly.

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