Can we please change how autism gets depicted in film and television?

I could see Temperance Brennan as “totally autistic but was never diagnosed because she’s female”. Because that is frustratingly common in real life (diagnosed at age 39 here!).

I will say, I know the autistic community likes to rag on “The Good Doctor” a bit, but my son is 9, and isn’t familiar with all the tropes about autism in media, but he IS familiar with autism, and he watched some clips from it and got very excited “Oh he’s like me!”. Since he wants to be a doctor he loved it.


I don’t think @NukeML said or implied this - they said that based on the standardized testing everybody is likely to have some traits that my be associated with autism. It doesn’t mean they are on the spectrum.


I’m surprised that St Elsewhere wasn’t mentioned. It had a pretty notorious autistic character that definitely wasn’t in the “quirky savant with little social skills” mold that you typically see portrayed in media.


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I think we’re all so desperate for autistic characters that at least are portrayed as having real jobs and real personal lives that a lot of us watch “The Good Doctor” despite the many, many issues.

My favorite is probably when the character started explaining that wearing a mask for covid meant that everyone else could finally experience what it was like for him to only have the eyes to go on to understand the unspoken part of human interaction. WTF? How to get something so basic exactly backwards?

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That show is kind of a touchy subject around BB BBS.




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