Kickstarting a steampunk anthology focused on "characters that are disabled or aneurotypical"


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Neuroatypical, not aneurotypical.

But yes, I could easily see this becoming a thing. The one wrinkle would be conveying autism in a way that’s not stereotypical, and doesn’t mention autism by name. Many writers struggle with this. I think Neal Stephenson did okay with this in Anathem but was pushing it a little bit.

I could imagine a plot involving an entire subculture with strong autistic traits, but there’s too many ways for that to devolve into Shiny Aspie happyclappyness.


an entire subculture with strong autistic traits


Maybe get Jim Butcher to do a short story in the Cinder Spires featuring Folly?


Pretty sure that’s the exact assumption the editors are trying to push back against.


Hi, I’m autistic. Could you not be an asshole, please? Thanks.


Like this?

Or more like prosthetic steampunk waldoes?


Im sorry yes you are artistic pls dont take offence im sorry
truly i understand i just came from a bout of depression so im trying to patch things up I wont post in a while




Way to show off those neurotypical social skills.


i tried to do something


I’m not sure you can do proper representation without actually putting a name to it. Yes, most people that are familiar with what you’re showing will recognize it for what it is, or at least hope they recognize it as such, many people flat out won’t. Even worse, when it is pointed out, many of the latter camp will reject this idea. (I’m not autistic myself, although one of my sweeties is on the low end of the scale, but I’m thinking specifically of my experiences with representation within the LGBTQ community.)

All that aside?


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