Books we should write


Continuing the discussion from Is it OK to torture a robot?:

You know it – each of us has a book deep inside of us waiting to get out.

  1. Post book title
  2. You can post cover-art, if you’re an over-achiever
  3. PROFIT!!!


Steampunk for the Digital Soul


How to Turn Off the Caps-Lock Key for Angry Dummies


Jesus was an Egyptian Grain-Silo Architect and Other Self-Evident Truths I Shouldn’t Even Have to Point Out if You Weren’t Being Controlled by Corporate White Media


Follow up book: The Lizard People are Real and They’re Coming for Your Guns


Two book manuscrpts from an unpublished and self-described “cyber-trilogy” were discovered with other documents in a box of discarded clothing purchased at an estate sale in Van Nuys, CA.

And … I never thought I would live to see an actual copy of Robot Laserers, Jack in for Cyber-Victory!

It’s historic value alone is incalculable.


From Neurosurgeon to Know-Nothing: The Ben Carson Story


The Biggest Twat We Could Find: Donald Trump & the GOP


Death Cruz 2016


This is Sarcasm


Are you sure?


How to spot Sarcasm on the Internet when there is a Lack of Italics


Now is the Winter of our Discount Tents
A guide to off-season camping

Circular Firing Squad!
100s of fun activities for activists that will keep them fighting amongst one another and ignoring the 1% all day.

No Foucault Sense
Betraying the legacy of the Enlightenment in 10 easy lessons (and 200 incomprehensible, jargon filled papers)

Passive aggressive behaviour for the modern world.

Merely observe it:
Simulacra berries of the genus Musa in popular culture.


Zen and the Art of Republican Party Maintenance


Dealers logging into our B2B web site currently see that front and center in an ad for Eskimo ice fishing tents.


The Cocker Spaniel Annual Manual


How To Troll on Boing Boing

  • Design and deploy a steampunk surveillance camera.

  • Thank BoingBoing for teaching you that a person’s sexual preferences are determined at birth and are nothing to be ashamed of. Then mention that you’re male and prefer slim women.

  • Photoshop a banana coming out of goatse. Post it anywhere on the internet. Wait.


Should Cesar Millan be fed to pigs? So-called expert lets vicious dog rip pet porker's ear off
Sad, weird "sheet of paper waist challenge" in China

Earth and Mars:

A story of what happens after humanity is gone and leaves behind hundreds of millions of little service robots to try figuring out the eternal question. ‘Now What?’ Some try to rebuild. Others try going about their pre-programmed task. Others… Conquer. Follow the adventures of a small community of machines as they struggle for identity when new directives aren’t coming. Sequel to the book nobody read; Mars Needs Sprockets!


Lady Chatterley’s Twitter Follower

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

FAIL! I’m pretty sure that Alex Jones has a book with that title.