Transreal Cyberpunk! Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling's book of annotated, seminal cyberpunk fiction

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woot. Got my backer copy yesterday!

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I wish I could buy Bruce Sterling e-books on Amazon, but they don’t appear to be available. If I could buy his books there I would probably buy the full set.

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? There are a whole slew of his books available as kindle books on Amazon. Are you in the United States (there are regional differences in what Amazon shows).

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The book that this article mentions is in Kindle at:

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Yeah I think it might be the region. I live in Australia but while my kindle and I are in Hong Kong I should check again. Maybe its different from this locale, regardless of my configured home address.

edit: but then they will probably disappear when I go home.

They do IP scanning of incoming connections oftentimes. It is inconsistent though. I buy UK kindle books all the time but I had to have a UK addressed Amazon account on to do it.

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