Transreal Cyberpunk! Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling's book of annotated, seminal cyberpunk fiction


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woot. Got my backer copy yesterday!


I wish I could buy Bruce Sterling e-books on Amazon, but they don’t appear to be available. If I could buy his books there I would probably buy the full set.


? There are a whole slew of his books available as kindle books on Amazon. Are you in the United States (there are regional differences in what Amazon shows).


The book that this article mentions is in Kindle at:


Yeah I think it might be the region. I live in Australia but while my kindle and I are in Hong Kong I should check again. Maybe its different from this locale, regardless of my configured home address.

edit: but then they will probably disappear when I go home.


They do IP scanning of incoming connections oftentimes. It is inconsistent though. I buy UK kindle books all the time but I had to have a UK addressed Amazon account on to do it.

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