Marc "Half-Life" Laidlaw's gonzo cyberpunk is back in DRM-free ebooks


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Great news! I would be willing to pay the upgrade price for being able to change font size. I was thinking about reading Neon Lotus again soon.

Hopefully they will be on Kobo also, the Amazon store is a PITA since I don’t have a Kindle, and manually load my books.


Will have to check it out. Found it mostly confusing as a younger reader. I think there was quite a bit of satire that I just didn’t read/understand as such at the time. It did make me look up the definition of prepuce, so there’s that.


My favorite book by him!


There’s a lot of early Cyberpunk stuff that could do with this treatment. Relatively well known stuff like John Shirley’s is getting really hard to find. Early Shiner or things like Misha’s Red Spider White Web or Mink Mole’s Alligator Alley are pretty much impossible.

Hand-typed cyberpunk reading lists on the walls downstairs at Forbidden Planet or in Compendium bookshop. Ah yes, I remember it well!


May I point out to readers of the Horror genre that “The 37th Mandala” is grade A nightmare fuel. An obscure favorite that deserves a visit if you enjoy creepy reading.


Like what? City Come A’Walkin’ got a re-release a year or two back. The rest of his stuff is just short stories, isn’t it?


It took a long time to track down the Eclipse trilogy. They did get a re-release but short run I think. I guess I was thinking of things like Heatseeker and A Splendid Chaos.

Amazon has made finding this stuff a lot easier than in the 80s and 90s even if it’s out of print. The days of scouring bookshops is over, right?


You can buy them in ebook at this very moment. That’s how I got them.


Are they the original or revised versions? Have you compared those? Quite a few people seem to be critical of revisions Shirley made to the Eclipse/Song Called Youth trilogy to re-date it to post Cold War times. I don’t have an opinion myself, only having the originals. It’s hard to tell if readers didn’t like it because things were changed, or because of how they were changed.


They’re the revised versions, of course. Shirley isn’t working to re-publish the originals (nor is anyone else for a 30 year old series).

I bought the omnibus edition when it came out but I haven’t sat down and re-read it. I will say it and “Islands in the Net” (and Gibson’s original trilogy) were hugely influential on me as a teen and young adult.


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