Richard Kadrey's Metrophage back in print in signed special edition

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Haven’t read this one, but it’s on the list. Love Sandman Slim.

During my phase back when I had to read every cyberpunk book from the '80s I could find I bought my used copy for all of $ 0.01… plus shipping :wink: Same with Rudy Rucker’s first two Ware books, Pat Cadigan’s works and even the quintessential Mirrorshades anthology, among others which were out of print at that point around 2008.
Nice to see it back in real print; I hope many of the lesser known science–fiction works follow suit. I’ve never seen another instance of a signed special edition reissue, though, great idea!

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Haha! No shit? How/when did that happen? I always thought Kadrey’s books were somewhat obscure. I still have my original paperback of Metrophage, always wanted it in hardcover. I’ve got Kamikaze L’Amour which is great also. Guess I’ll need to check out what he’s been doing.

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