The Everything Box: demonological comedy from Richard "Sandman Slim" Kadrey

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This almost sounds like something that could take place in the Sandman Slim universe, even if Stark is never mentioned.

I know it’ll probably come off sounding petty, but as with Charlie Stross’ new book, ain’t no way I’m paying £11 for this!
I’ve grown too used to ebooks costing me a fiver, £7-8 at most. £11 for a book that I can accurately guess will be pretty much the same length as other books from the same author that only cost £5 in online stores rankles.

Usually, I’d snap something like this up immediately, but not this time, sorry Richard.

I’ve just bought and ploughed through Ian Tregillis’ excellent The Mechanical and The Rising, each of which set me back £6. That’s more like it; set that price point, guaranteed sale.

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