The Getaway God: latest Sandman Slim is a hard-boiled, supernatural treasure


Thanks for the heads-up Cory. I burned through the first five volumes while on a work placement last summer, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I love the pulpy feel, and there’s a wonderful no-nonsense approach to a fictional world full of it.
Now all I need is for David Wong to follow up “This Book is Full of Spiders”.

Oh, I thought it said Gateway God. Like a god you worship and it seems OK at first, but then you start worshipping more demanding gods and the next thing you know you’re in a cave holding a baby next to a statue with a big mouth with fire coming out and you’re like, WTF just happened?


I have one criticism. Not of the novel itself (picked it up yesterday but haven’t read yet), but of the publisher. Why did they have to go and change the trade dress? I hate it when the spines don’t match…

Yeah, I know, first world problems.

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