Kill City Blues: Sandman Slim versus the elder gods of the dead mall


I read the first Sandman Slim novel, and was fine with everything except the entire ‘Sandman Slim’ name…it just seemed tacked on and pointless. Did the publisher make the author stick that on so there’d be a ‘cool’ name for the series?

This made my day! I’ve loved all the Sandman Slim books and read them several times over. Thanks for the good news Cory!!!

If I judged a book by it’s cover this book would get the boot.

Now, if he’s a sometime agent of the US Government, does that mean the Black Chamber is involved? And has the Laundry an interest, now that the stars are almost right?

That’d be a crossover to beat Bats and Supes into the ground!

Yeah, I enjoy these books a lot, but there are a couple of things (like the Sandman Slim name) that I just don’t get. But whatever. They’ve all been great fun so far. I just hope Kasabian gets more to do (and can get out of that damned apartment above the video store more often). Even with an Erector-Set body, any smartmouthed severed head worth paying attention to needs to spend at least a little time away from the internet and Hell’s surveillance cams.

Isn’t this the name of a live Hanoi Rocks Japan concert from the '80’s?

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